How To Find Joint Mortgage and Life Insurance Coverage

Getting insurance coverage for mortgage or life insurance is an important step when securing the future. Generally, insurance companies have separate insurance policies for each kind. There are various kinds of insurance coverage. There are life insurance, mortgage protection insurance, health insurance, fire insurance, motor car insurance and even aviation insurance. The specific insurance plans are taken in preparation since any of these situations could happen. Insurance policies provide ample protection to the payer and to his family.

Mortgage is a sensitive issue that homeowners usually worry about. One of the steps that homeowners take is to mortgage their house. These mortgage leads are highly prized by mortgage companies who are looking for people interested in mortgaging their homes. Mortgage rates are regularly published and homeowners go to banks to have their house mortgaged. Chief of their concerns now after mortgaging their house is finding the right protection for their mortgaged house. Finding the right plan or policy is now the next step.

There are insurance companies that provide mortgage protection insurance. There are also joint mortgage and life insurance policies that offer decreasing term life insurance. Mortgage protection insurance ensures that even if the payee of the mortgage dies, the insurance company will pay out the remaining mortgage balance. A monthly premium is required during the term of the policy to ensure that a full payment is given in case of death.

Joint mortgage and life insurance cover for a set term then pay out a lump sum to your family or dependents for paying off a mortgage or loan after your death. During the time you are still paying off a mortgage or loan, the monthly premium that you have to pay will probably remain constant, decreasing only when your loan or mortgage is near its term. Requirement for this would be that you have a repayment mortgage – part of your monthly payments is to pay off the original mortgage amount and not just the interest of the mortgage or loan.

Some companies allow you to add on insurance for disability. The mortgage disability insurance is not very popular among insurance companies and only a few offer it. This type of policy will pay out if you die but only if you were diagnosed with a critical illness that falls under the qualifications outlined in the policy. But if you got a mortgage disability insurance, paid for its premium, yet survived beyond the end of the plan, this policy will not pay out.

One feature of joint mortgage and life insurance is both good and bad. The good thing about it is that the monthly premiums are low. It is low because this kind of insurance is not an investment. So that is the bad news. Since you are not investing anything, if you are able to finish the term cover, there will be no payout. No maturity value is payable by the end of the term.

In the United States, insurance companies have not been offering the joint mortgage and life insurance policy.  This type of policy is practiced more among insurance companies in the United Kingdom. 


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