How To Cash a Check

There are different ways to pay for products and services. You can use cash, a credit or debit card and you can also cash a check. Many people do not like handling cash so they make use of a credit card or a check. If you receive a check, there are certain things you have to make sure of before it can be encashed. In some cases, there are fraudulent checks that are issued. The bank will not be able to clear this check and you will not be able to get money.

Here are some tips on how to cash a check:

  1. Inspect the check first. Before even going to the bank to cash a check, you first have to inspect it in advance to make sure that it is valid and not a fraud check or a scam. There are certain characteristics on a cash check to make sure that it is real. Check the name of the bank on the check and see if there are water marks or any other signs that will validate its authenticity. Also, check to see if your name is correctly spelled and the amount, both in words and in numerals, is written correctly. You can also cash a check that is payable to cash.
  2. Endorse the check. Endorse the check before you cash it. Endorsing is signing or putting your name at the back of the check so that it can be validated.
  3. Drive through. If you have a bank account, you can take your check and go to the drive-through section. Be sure that you have a valid identification card and the check. Give these to the teller and wait for validation. After this, the teller will give you the amount that is seen on your check account. This may also be called cash express.
  4. Bank. You can also cash a check by going inside the bank. You also have to have a valid identification card and the endorsed check with you. Give these to the teller and wait for him to validate your check. He will then give you the amount on the check if it did not bounce. You can also have them deposit the amount written on the check to your existing account if you have a deposit check.
  5. Stores. If you do not have access to banks, you can also cash a check in a store. There are stores that cash a check but they will require you to spend a little portion of the amount in your check to be used up in their store.
  6. Online. You can also choose to cash your check online. There are only a few banks that offer this service. A special machine will scan both sides of your check. The check will then be marked to know that it has been cashed. The bank will verify the check and will then deposit the cash to your own account. You can also visit the website and create an account. You can cash your checks on the website.

These are some of the ways to cash a check. You can choose the method that is most convenient for you. In dealing with checks, you have to remember to cash them as soon as they are given to you. You also have to be wary of fraudulent checks.


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