Financial Experts and Past Winners Explain How To Hit the Lottery

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Wondering how to hit the lottery and become a multi-millionaire overnight?

Well, it’s no easy task.

Statistically speaking, there’s a greater chance of being struck by a meteorite! With millions of dollars up for grabs, though, it’s hard to resist buying your ticket anyway.

After all, you have to be in it to win it.

Moreover, it isn’t necessarily just luck that decides the outcome. Plenty of supposed methods exist for bettering your chances of lottery success. Many are phony, but some have more mathematical credibility to them.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the tips from past winners and financial experts that ring truest.

Want to learn some of the best ones we came across?

Keep reading for what the experts have to say on how to win big with the lottery.

1. Don’t Stop At One

One ticket’s a good place to start.

At least you’re in the running to win the lottery now.

Many people have hit the jackpot with a solitary winning ticket. However, a method with more mathematical integrity is to buy two, three, or even four of them.

Heck, why stop there?! Go all out and buy yourself as many as your budget allows.

The more tickets you have (with different sets of numbers, of course), the higher your chances of success. It’s to do with probability. Like a raffle, the more numbers you have in the mix, the more likely that they’ll be called.

Be aware that this approach, though mathematically sound, only raises your chances of success by a fraction!

2. Leverage People Power

Let’s take that idea a step further.

Obviously, you’re not the only one playing the lottery. It’s time to leverage that fact.

How? Team up with a bunch of other hopeful lottery players in the form of a so-called lottery syndicate. Online or in-person, find willing participants to pool your resources.

Here’s how it works:

Everybody buys their tickets and puts them into a central pot. If one of those is a winner, then everybody in the syndicate shares the prize-money.

It’s classic ‘strength in numbers’ people-power. Alone and with limited resources, you can only buy so many tickets. Together, though, your chances of success spike!

Think about 20 people buying 5 tickets each. You’ve now got 100 shots of winning as opposed to 5.

Sure, you share the prize-money, but that’s hardly the end of the world. After all, you stand to win millions with the lottery payout!

3. Look to the Future

We can learn a lot from the past.

Personally, socially, politically, economically- you name it, and history can teach us a lot about how to move forward.

Not so with the lottery though. In the realm of picking a winning set of numbers, it’s best to do what hasn’t been done before. In other words: don’t pick a set of numbers that’s won in the past.

You’d be surprised at how many people try their luck this way. Whether it is superstition or a simple lack of imagination, the likelihood of those same numbers coming up is essentially zilch! It’s not that they couldn’t, it’s just highly unlikely.

Strive for originality instead. Picking a unique set of numbers is a better way to go.

4. Part Ways with Tradition

Ask ten people what numbers they’d pick for the lottery and what happens?

Most of them would select their birthday or that of someone they know and/or love.

We don’t blame them! It’s the classic way of deciding which numbers to choose. Faced with the endless possibilities of digits to choose between, it’s logical to settle for those familiar to you.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to help in your bid for lottery success. Let’s think about it logically.

How many numbers could show up in the lottery? It’s normally between 1 and 70. However, take the birthday tack and you restrict yourself to numbers up to and including 31, right?

As such, you’re choosing from less than 50% of the possible digits. That represents a drastic drop to your chances of winning. It’s far better to choose a spread of numbers between the entire range available (e.g. 1 to 70).

5. Stick to Your Guns

Okay, so you’ve purchased multiple tickets and picked novel sets of numbers for each one.

You’ve bid farewell to past winners and set aside those birthday wishes. You’re confident that the numbers you’ve chosen will bring home the bacon.

Now imagine that the big night rolls around and the numbers called don’t come up.

For one reason or another (i.e. the law of probability), you didn’t win this time.

Assuming you’re determined to keep playing, what do you do? Try buying the same number of tickets (of not more) and sticking with the same numbers. Don’t assume they’re unlucky and let a sense of superstition compel you to pick new ones!

According to the experts, it’s better to stick to your guns and do everything the same again. Leave them as they are and you’re that bit more likely to win next time.

6. If at First, You Don’t Succeed

…Try and try again.


This is our final tip, and one that relates to (and works alongside) the last.

Basically, don’t give up! For one thing, playing the lottery consistently means you’ll always have a chance of winning. Secondly, you get ongoing opportunities for your numbers to come up.

There’s no guaranteeing they will, of course. Just like buying more tickets each time, though, you get a statistical boost to your chances.  

Now You Know How to Hit the Lottery

As you know, winning the lottery is desperately hard to do.

In fact, given the probabilities involved, it’s almost impossible! But the keyword there is ‘almost’. Even the slightest chance of winning millions of dollars will forever be hard to resist.

We’re in no way surprised, then, that you’ve been wondering how to hit the lottery. Hopefully, these expert tips and tricks will go some way to bettering your chances.

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