How To Find an Online Fuel Economy Calculator

Though driving a car may give you the prestige and luxury you are looking for in life, it can sometimes make you feel guilty. Every mile you drive means contributing to the air pollution that everyone will surely suffer. Because of this, you need to be more considerate of the fuel economy. And to be able to do that, a fuel economy calculator can be a great help.

When you become wary about how much your fuel consumption and fuel expenditures are, not only you will be saving a lot from your budget but you will help lessen climate change as well. Though calculations can be done manually, it is better to use a fuel economy calculator, which is more efficient. To help you find these helpful calculators at ease, here is a list of sites where in you can get fuel economy calculators:

  • Total Motorcycle Website at The calculator, which is called the Metric Fuel Economy Calculator, is especially designed to aid motorcyclists. You need to input current and previous odometer readings, fuel measurement in tank, and fuel cost in this Javascript power calculator. The calculator will give results such as the distance traveled since last fill, fuel consumption usage, fuel direct expense, and fuel fill expense.
  • CarPrice.Com at The website has a fuel calculator that is simple and easy to use. You just need to fill up the required fields such as yearly miles driven, city fuel economy of your car, highway fuel economy of your car, gas price, and the like. After completing the form, the system will automatically calculate the fuel cost depending on the items you have entered in the required fields.
  • CalcNexus at CalcNexus' version of a fuel cost calculator is a lot simpler than the CarPrice.Com's version. You are only required to provide three pieces of information such as annual miles, fuel price, and fuel economy. You will immediately be provided of the annual cost of your fuel consumption. Also, what is good in this calculator is it allows you to calculate the fuel costs of two different cars at a time. With that, you can do a one-on-one comparison of two cars so that you can select which one is better to be called a fuel saver or a fuel efficient car.
  • Natural Resources Canada at The fuel economy calculator featured in this website offers an easy way to calculate fuel ratings of cars, which is best to be used weekly for analysis of fuel usage. However, the calculator only works efficient for vehicles maintained in good condition and driven with respect to fuel efficiency. You just need to input the distance traveled by the vehicle, amount of fuel, and the cost of fuel for it to calculate the fuel economy.

Now that online fuel economy calculators are growing in number, it is not an excuse anymore not to care about fuel saving. Let fuel economy calculators guide through driving only fuel-efficient cars. That way, you can save yourself some money while helping to save the environment.


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