General Contractor Checklist: What to Look for Before the Job & After

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Even the most capable DIYer will often have to call in general contracting service in order to get some of the more complicated home improvement projects done. In those situations, one has to be prepared with the right information to know how to hire a contractor, and how to check their work before signing off on the final completion of the project.

In this article, we'll educate you on exactly that. We'll provide a comprehensive general contractor checklist of questions that you need to ask before and after the job. That way, you'll ensure that you receive excellent service from your contractor of choice.

Before the Job

When hiring a contractor for a new house or home improvement project, there are a series of questions that you should ask in order to ensure that you are hiring the best contractor possible.

The first question you should ask is regarding experience. How many homes has this contractor built? How many times have they done this specific home improvement project? Do they have any failures in their project history?

The next question should be regarding the timeline of the project's completion. It's an open secret in the real estate industry that timelines for home project completion are often ballpark estimates rather than strict deadlines. Inquire as to how often the contractor completes their projects on the original day that they stipulate.

Next, you should inquire about previous customers. Any contractor worth its salt will have a plethora of happy customers to back up the quality of its service. If they are unable to provide you with customer testimonials or refer you to previous customers who can talk about their positive experience with the contractor, then it's time for you to consider looking at a different service option. 

After the Job

There's also a checklist of questions that you need to keep in mind after the job is completed. The first question should be about the handover inspection. You should be able to arrange a handover inspection wherein the contractor shows you all of the work that has been done on your home. This is where you can inspect for any faults in the project that need to be redone.

Next, you should ask about warranties on the project. There are many things in the building or fixing of a home that can go wrong even after you inspect them. For instance, pipes can fail and cause water damage, electrical fixtures can get messed up, and HVAC systems can go down. Make sure that the contractor offers a rock-solid warranty policy on all the major components in the project.

Keep This General Contractor Checklist Handy

Now that you have this general contractor checklist, make sure that you keep it handy whenever you start shopping around for a general contractor. Make sure to always choose the best, most reliable contractor option that your budget can afford.

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