How To Give Home Buyer Incentives

Home buyer incentives are the freebies or added bonuses that customers can get when purchasing a property. These incentives may help you to seal the deal with potential buyers. There are different incentives that you can offer to a potential buyer in order to sell a home. This will help them decide if the house is a good buy for them.

Here are some home buyer incentives that you can offer to make a sale:

  • Inspection of the House. This is one of the most basic incentives that will improve the chances of the potential buyer to purchase the house. Let them inspect the house. Be sure to make the house as presentable as possible. Make it look as good as new. The buyer can also ask the seller to pay for any damages to the property, so it is better to show them a property that is already in good condition.
  • Price Reduction. Price reduction is another incentive you can use in home purchase. This is one of the items that a buyer first looks at. If the potential buyer haggles, you can lower the prices to something that is more affordable for the buyer but will also be a good price for the seller. A few thousand dollars off the price will be a great deal for the buyer.
  • Furniture. Another incentive you can add to the house is the furnishings. You can include furniture that will complement the style of the house. This will increase your chances of selling the house, as the buyer will be able to save some money on furniture.
  • Down Payment. This incentive is best offered to first time home buyers. They may not have enough funds to pay for the house in one complete transaction. Allowing them to pay a down payment and pay on an installment basis will really help them in making the decision to purchase the house that you are selling.
  • Home Warranty. This incentive is based on the value of the house. Having a home warranty can be appealing to prospective buyers. This warranty is known as the residential service contract. The residential service contract can cover plumbing repairs and leaks, heating or radiators and cooling devices, such as air conditioners. These are the most common systems that are included in the home warranty.
  • Closing Costs. Closing costs are the fees that must be paid when closing the deal with the buyer. You can shoulder a portion of these expenses so that the buyer will not be paying as much. This will save the buyer a few thousand dollars that can be used for purchasing other items for the house.

These are some of the home buyer incentives that are typically offered to first time buyers and to other home buyers as well. These incentives will help you in selling the house and at the same time decrease the burden on the buyers. The buyers can use the extra money for other furnishings.


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