How To Add Credit Cards to PayPal Accounts

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PayPal is the most well known e-commerce business on the Internet. PayPal is an alternative for consumers who use money orders and paper checks. You have to have a bank account attached to your PayPal account in order to send or receive funds. Many PayPal users make purchases online but do not want to use another method of payment. Many PayPal users prefer credit cards. PayPal gives their users the option to add a credit card to a PayPal account. PayPal also offers their own debit cards as a backup source. Many users prefer credit cards because of their security. If someone does not have sufficient funds in their PayPal account, people add a credit card to a PayPal account. PayPal's website is very easy to navigate.

To add a credit card to a PayPal account, you need to have the credit card you want to add.  Debit cards with the Mastercard or Visa logo on the card can also be added to your PayPal account. Go to PayPal's website and log in with the email address and password that you have provided. Wait for the page to load, and this should take you to the "My Account Overview." Locate the "Edit Profile" link and click it once. Your "Profile Summary" should load in a few seconds. Locate a column that says "Financial Information," click on the hyperlink entitled "Credit/Debit Cards," and click on this link. A summary should appear that shows all of the debit and credit cards that are attached to your PayPal account. Locate an icon "Add New Card" and click on the link. You will be asked to fill out all of your home and billing address information, once you have completed this, click on the "Add Card" button. The Credit/Debit Cards page will show up again on your computer screen and you can choose to use the credit card or debit card as a primary or secondary source.

Your funds should be completely secure when you add a credit card to a PayPal account. If you have made a purchase and you add a credit card to a PayPal account, the credit card issuer and PayPal will resolve any transaction disputes that you think were made illegally. Many users take advantage of the benefit to add a credit card to a PayPal account. Many merchants prefer PayPal as a method of payment on their websites. PayPal is used worldwide in almost every country.


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