How To Appeal a Tax Lien

Are you interested in appealing a tax lien? This is more common than most believe. If you are served a tax lien and believe that there is a mistake, you have the right to an appeal. This is something you don't want to forget about. After all, why should you have to deal with the negative effects of a tax lien if you did not do anything wrong? The IRS is required by law to notify you of the filing of a tax lien within five days. You may receive this in person at home, or by certified mail - either way you will definitely get it. When you receive your tax lien notice there will be a date on the document stating when you have to file your appeal by. If this date comes and goes, and you have not started the process, you missed the boat. So if you are going to appeal a tax lien you do not want to wait around. Instead, you should move forward as quickly as possible by following the directions outlined on your tax lien notice. Some of the reasons to appeal a tax lien include:

Step 1

If you paid your owed taxes before the lien was filed by the IRS, you can easily appeal the lien that was filed.

Step 2

If the IRS filed the tax lien while you were in bankruptcy.

Step 3

You were not given the opportunity to dispute the liability that caused the tax lien.

Step 4

The statute of limitations expired before the tax lien was filed.

You should feel comfortable contacting the IRS to discuss your tax lien and the appeals process. Those who are looking for professional help should consider hiring a tax attorney or enrolled agent. This makes it much easier to communicate with the IRS, because you have a professional on your side who knows tax liens and how the appeal process unfolds. You can file a request for a hearing with the Office of Appeals. Once you have appealed your tax lien the Office of Appeals will make a final determination that you must live by. If you do not get any satisfaction, you have the right to take things to the next level by requesting a judicial review.

Tax liens can be financially devastating, even if you cannot appeal your lien, we can help you remove the lien by settling your taxes with the method that best fits your financial situation.

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