How To Appeal Denial of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If your unemployment insurance benefits are denied and you feel that it’s an unfair decision and you know that your eligibility is authentic, then you have an appeal.

There are businesses that deny people’s eligibility on purpose especially if the worker is finished contract. So, if you’re in that case, you must file an appeal. Be there on the hearing to verify your case to the Administrative Hearing Officer. Your previous company may try to prolong the process in hope that you give up because you need to devote your quality time to work to earn money. Below are instructions on how to appeal denial of unemployment insurance benefits.

  • Begin the appeals process soonest enough. Go to the unemployment office of the Department of Labor where you applied so you can begin the appeals process as soon as possible. Request that your hearing be executed in person. It is your chance to state your case through presentation of important evidences, witnesses, and testimonials on your behalf.
  • Continue the completion of your certification on your weekly benefit claims either personal, by mail, or via the OLIVor system. You will be denied of your benefits even if you succeeded in your Appeal if you failed to certify your claims. Balance your time so you can work and earn money to support your family and you can complete needed documents for your benefit claims. If you win your appeal, you will be communicated by a case worker to check your progress. Remember to be honest with your statements so you won’t undergo any criminal charges.
  • Gather important evidences before your hearing. Compile written notices and warnings, Pay Stubs, Time Cards, Employee Handbook, audio/video samples, and related Medical Records. Remember that evidences that are presented after hearing will become invalid.
  • Don’t be late on your hearing. Be there before your hearing starts so you can check your notes and relax. Don’t forget that you can’t enter the room if you’re 10 minutes late. Your hearing will continue without your presence.
  • Forward a written request to Appeals Division as soon as possible if you need to postpone your hearing. Put detailed information on your request. Your request will only be granted if there are emergencies. If there are no notices that your postponement is granted, then attend your hearing.
  • You can ask to renew your appeal if you miss your hearing. But it will only be granted if there are unavoidable circumstances. You will be granted of a scheduled Show Cause Hearing, but if you fail it, then you won’t get your appeal.
  • Dress-up! Make a good impression if you’re defending your integrity and honor. The people in the hearing might feel a bit disrespect if you’ll show up wearing usual street clothes. It can also affect the result subconsciously. You must try to speak clearly with respect during your hearing.
  • Preparation. The Administrative Hearing Officer won’t permit you to read testimonies during hearing. You need to learn your notes by heart. Prioritize and organize points and documents according to relevance. Learn and utilize legal terms if needed.

If you think you can win your appeal, then do the best that you can. Spend time to compile needed files, and learn them thoroughly.


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