How To Apply for a Joint Credit Card

Currently, especially when you are living in a city, having a credit card can be more convenient than paying in cash.  From shopping online to going out to restaurants and malls, you can practically use it almost anywhere and everywhere in the world!  As long as you have a good credit score, applying for one is very easy, and that also applies to obtaining a joint credit card (which basically means there are 2 holders on one account number).  Here's how to attain it.

  1. First step, get a credit card application.  You can acquire it through the Internet by browsing through any major credit card company's websites.  You can also check your mail, oftentimes, there is already one that was sent to you.  Or, you can personally go to your local bank or to the nearest credit card company's office and file it from there.
  2. Once you have your card application, decide on which of you will be the primary card holder.  It is extremely important that you choose the one who has a good credit.
  3. Start filling up the form.  This includes your first name and last, your social security number, your home and work address, your birth date, annual gross income and details about your job.
  4. Flip it over and you will see a section that says Additional Card.  Fill up the secondary card holder.  The information needed here is very minimal (e.g. First and last name, birth date and social security number).
  5. Make sure all the necessary signatory fields are signed.
  6. Double check all fields are filled up correctly and properly.  Make sure the penmanship are legible and easy to understand.  Submit the form to the credit card company for approval.
  7. Once approved, the credit card for both holders will be mailed in 2-3 weeks.

Here are some reminders:

  • Since the primary card holder will be the one responsible for all charges, make sure that the secondary card holder is someone that can be trusted. 
  • If you want to obtain the highest limit of credit, choose the one who has better credit standing for the primary holder.

It is very quick and easy to apply for a joint credit card as long as both of you have a stable income and very good credit.  You can also try applying over the phone as some companies have that option (just make sure that the second card holder is with you to personally verify the information needed).  You also have to keep in mind that all penalties and charges will reflect to both holders so always be careful!  For more helpful advice and tips, search the Internet for free credit report and ask a financial adviser.  By doing this, you can determine what credit limit will work in your monthly income.  This will greatly help you in keeping your finances in good standing and also to avoid bankruptcy.  Always monitor your account.  Once you get your bill, double check the charges to ensure you are only paying what's due to you.  When you got everything covered, you are now ready to apply for a joint credit card anytime.  Just be responsible and make sure you pay on time or else, you will be forced to settle higher interest rates if your payments are late.


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