How To Approach a Neighbor to Buy Land

If you are looking for a piece of land to add to your present property, sometimes you go miles away looking for a seller. You don’t have to do that because in fact, within your neighborhood you can find someone who is willing and able to sell a piece of his property. So here are some guides on how to approach a neighbor to buy land:

  1. Assess your present properties. In buying another property, in this case a piece of land, it entails that you should decide for it properly. This is primarily because this will require you a considerable amount of money. You do not want to end up wasting money from your savings after you bought the piece of land when, eventually you deem it was unnecessary. Evaluate your present properties and see if you do need an additional. Talk to your family and discuss your plans with them. Maybe they have better ideas that could help you.
  2. Check your neighbor’s property. After you have decided to purchase a tract of land from your neighbors, this is the time you assess their property. Try to investigate whether they own that piece of land or they are renting from another person. Moreover, you have to know how long they have lived in that piece of land. It could be that they have lived there for several years now and it has left them a lot of sentimental values that they do not see any prospects of selling it. Find these things out before you make a fool of yourself trying to give them some hints that you want to buy their property. Before you try to sneak in some hints to your neighbor that you want to buy their property, you also have to know what kind of person they truly are. This is important especially when you are trying to negotiate with them about the prospects of selling their property and at what price.
  3. Show some interest in their property. If you see that they consider some prospects of selling that tract of land they own, try to engage in some informal conversations with them. Invite them in your house for cookouts or visit them personally in their residence. In this case, you can show some hints of interest to their property. You can opt to do this by trying to ask tell them that you want to buy the land in a lighthearted manner.
  4. Negotiate the price. Now if all has been set for the actual transaction, that is, your neighbors agreed to sell their property, you have to engage in talks that are more formal. Ask a lawyer to mediate your negotiations and settle for the that will not leave either of you rather worse-off. 

When you are trying to find a piece of land to add some space for your garden or for your residence, in general, you need not to go far trying to find a seller. You only have to look around and you will find in your neighborhood available sellers that are more than willing to offer their properties to you. You just have to choose and decide properly.


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