How To Approach Neighbors About Buying Their Land

You have always wanted a large garden. You treasure that photo you clipped from a magazine of a beautifully landscaped garden you actually saw. Your garden right now looks like your dream one. Alas, it is so small you cannot fully achieve the design that you want.

Your neighbor has an unused parcel of land next to yours. You think that if you can buy that, your dream garden will see the light of day. The question is will they be willing to sell?

Before you start talking to your neighbor about selling their land to you, you need to prepare and have the proper background information about your neighbor, land ownership, current market value and taxes.

  1. Do your research.  Seek professional assistance. Go to real estate agents to inquire about market values of land around your area. Check listings on the web of properties for sale in your location. This way you can have a fair idea of what the real estate market looks like.
  2. Get to know your neighbors. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, it will be easier to ask them if they are the rightful owners of the property. Otherwise, you have to work to build a close relationship with them so there will be no awkwardness when you ask them about land ownership. You can also check with the land registration office in your area. It is important that you know who to approach and talk to regarding the sale.
  3. Check tax and documentation requirements.  Land ownership involves legal documents. It is sound practice to inquire about the taxes you need to pay, what documents you need to ask for and what documents have to be prepared. You need the services of a lawyer for this.
  4. Drop hints.  Armed with your background information, drop hints to your neighbors about your interest in buying more land to expand your garden. Gently pose probing questions about what they think about the idea; compliment their own garden; inquire about the unused portion – what their plans are for that tract of land or the whole property. Will they stay there forever? Do they have plans to move later? No matter how you want to ask these questions, remember to be polite and friendly.
  5. Put in your offer.  If their reaction to your questions is positive, then you can tell them that you want to buy their land. Tell them how much you are offering. Do not rush them for outright commitment. Give your neighbors some time to think things through and come up with their own price. It goes without saying that if their initial reaction is negative then you have to work harder to convince them.  However, you must not antagonize them. Let them come to a decision on their own.

Buying and selling property takes time. It is a major decision for a seller or a buyer. Knowing how to make the right approach and making an offer will make the job easier for the parties involved in the direct transaction. Always do some background research before taking final action.  This practice will keep you in good stead.


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