How To Avoid a Credit Card Services Scam

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The credit card services scam has become prevalent everywhere, victimizing people who make the wrong move of trusting posers on the Internet and telephone. People perpetrating this fraud sound very convincing, especially when it is your first time to come across them. Here are common tactics employed by scheming credit card scammers:

  1. Credit card services scammers will call your number. When you pick up the phone, you will hear a professional-sounding person on the other end, claiming that he can help you bring down the interest rates on your credit cards. The interest rates are very low, indeed – say – as low as 6 percent, and if you have no previous experience with scammers, you are bound to be enticed right away. But how do these scammers get hold of your name and contact numbers? They do it by simply skimming through credit card applications from legitimate credit card service providers. Chances are, the mastermind of such illegal act is an insider. An insider is someone who works in bank or credit companies where your bank credit card file is being kept. It may also be that you left transaction records at certain business establishments using your credit card when you purchased an item, and the scammers were able to get hold of your business and personal details.
  2. Credit card services scam is also conducted through emails. You will receive an email offering you any of the two: rewards card or prepaid credit card. The sender of the email will identify himself as an account representative of a certain credit card services provider and will sweet-talk you on how you can avail of credit plans in a quick and easy way. However you will be instructed to deposit some cash first on the sender’s account for him to facilitate the transaction on your behalf. If you are that naïve, you might give in readily as the email seems to be very credible. Most credit card companies nowadays warn people who apply for a credit card to take extra precaution or to just ignore these scam emails.
  3. Scammers can detect if the person on the other line is vulnerable or not. The more you entertain scam calls, the more these scammers will chase you. So, if you open your statement with, “Oh, can you just call back later, I will have to consult this first with my husband”, they will continue tracking you. Indeed, scammers know whom to target with their fraudulent work.
  4. Scammers are so wily they can even scam you without you knowing it. They have a way with words, especially over the phone. Since a phone call is a live and actual conversation, they can persuade you into giving details about your accounts without you realizing you are already being scammed. A caller, for instance, will tell you outright that he is from Visa, Mastercard  or Sears and will  tell you upfront that they are conducting identity verifications on their clients. Before you know it, you have given away your credit details on the caller.

The best way to avoid a credit card services scam is by conducting your business with your credit card service provider through a face to face meeting. But word of caution: never agree to meet with someone posing to be your credit card representative at an undisclosed place. To be very sure, transact business only in the company’s legitimate office.


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