How To Avoid Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is a scam that tries to acquire valuables or money illegally using the postal system as a means. It is a crime that has been around since the 1950's. Mail fraud comes in 6 types:

  • Misrepresentation of mail-order merchandise or non-delivery. It is a simple way of mail fraud. The costumer orders a product, pays for the product, and does not receive a product. This kind of mail fraud now exists in the Internet as well in forms of mail-order products that do not deliver or do not arrive as well.
  • Online auction fraud. The customer orders online, sends money online, and does not receive the product he has ordered.
  • Impersonation. It is a scheme that aims to misrepresent the sender's identity by means of giving documents that are forged.
  • Get-rich-quick scheme. This scheme is common on pyramiding that appears as a chain letter forwarded to many people.
  • Work-at-home scams. This scheme aims at luring you to a sumptuous pay by working online but only with few information, and then says that “just send $xx.xx dollars for more information or register now with just $xx.xx to get hired for this job.
  • Theft from mails. The scheme uses credit cards found in the mail. A check found in the main is washed to to change the name of the recipient.

You should make yourself guarded and ready for any attempts of mail fraud to you or to any of your family members. Here are 8  ways to avoid such mail fraud and secure your identity and money:

  • Do not enter sweepstakes or other games of chance with companies or sponsoring organization that you do not know of.
  • Do not believe in promises of making money easily. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as easy money. There will always be a catch.
  • Do not send any amount of money if you receive mails that you have won or have something free. If you won or had something for free, then it doesn't make sense that you have to pay.
  • Do not give money to solicitations that claim to be from the government. Always remember, the government does not solicit in any form.
  • Do not send any form of cash or check through mail. There are many schemes and ways that may cause you to lose money.
  • Do not give to charities through mail, and if you will, only give it to charities that you know of.
  • Do not give the number of your bank account or credit card through mail.
  • Keep all your transactions so that in case that a transaction is said as fraud, you will have proof.

Mail fraud may not be stopped easily, but individually there are steps we can do to avoid them from happening to us. Always think twice when the offers are too good to be true and keep in mind the 8 ways to avoid mail fraud and keep secure of you money and identity.


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