How To Barter in an Economic Collapse

Let us assume that you are living 10 years in the future and it seems that the world has been forced into an age of fallout where nuclear war has demolished organized and modern civilization. Obviously, the world would have no central economy and the need for bartering would be prevalent. Well, total economic collapse and nuclear war may not really happen at least in the near future but if it does, it would be wise of you to be prepared. This would involve being able to barter and stock up on things and skills you can actually exchange for other necessities like food and drink. Imagine the ancient civilizations and how they lived when money or a standard form of currency was not yet established. Bartering would be one of the most effective skills that you will need to learn and make use of.

  • Train to survive. As early as know, prepare for the worst economic breakdown possible by honing your survival skills. You can actually use these skills to your advantage. Most people will not be trained to survive when the economy collapses. This being the case, if you are prepared with skills in hunting, basic carpentry, basic engineering, and other survival skills, then you would become one of the most important people in your community. This being said, make sure to hone your skills in survival to make yourself a high priced commodity should the worst happens.
  • Stock on tools. Living in a nuclear fallout age with the economy non-existent, some items may be worth more than other items. It is quite crucial to have some of these items on your body if this eventuality happens. Metal tools are the best commodities you can stock up on since these will definitely worth a lot when the time comes. Shears, shovels, knives, saws, and the like would be the best tools to have during an economic collapse. Use these tools to gain more value and more food for survival.
  • Matches and lighters. The ability to create fire easily will be a very expensive commodity should the economic collapse become reality. On this note, make sure to have tons of matches and lighters stocked in your garage or basement. Should the worst happen, you can use these to create fire for warmth and even trade them for food and other valuable items.
  • Medical supplies. Obviously, hospitals and clinics will become quite rare once the fallout happens. Consequently, medical supplies such as syringes, bandages, antiseptics, and other first aid items may be difficult to find thus, these items will now be valued as gold. With this in mind, make sure you are stocked with medical supplies and first aid kit. You can use it should you encounter a medical emergency or trade it in for other gold-like valued items.
  • Luxury items. Non-perishable items such as soap, alcohol, chocolate, canned goods, shampoo, and the like will be treated as luxury items and may be valued as gold as well. So, if you really want to be rich during this time of economic chaos then make sure you are stocked up with these items as well.

All these items will be quite valuable when the worst happens. So, if you want to stay on top and relevant during the chaos, make sure you will be able to use these items to your advantage. Use them to barter for whatever it is you like. If you want the remaining people’s loyalty, then having a good supply of these items will always be helpful.


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