How To Become a Fundraiser

Becoming a fundraiser these days is very common.  Children are fundraising for school activities or trips.  People become fundraisers for church events and there are many environmentally correct fundraisers going on right now with so many of us trying to create a green environment.

Some folks think that they don't have what it takes to become a fundraiser.  However, anyone can be one no matter what their experiences are.  To become a fundraiser it is just important to have the enthusiasm for the project, have great energy, free time and to be honest in your dealings. 

Having an office background is helpful when it comes to keeping records for the fundraising.  Monies need to be accurately calculated for charities, so having an office background can help with this.  If you don't have an office or accounting background, it's a good idea to find someone who can help you keep track of the funds - if nothing else, you can use the fact that you have two people tracking the money to instill a check and balance system and avoid allegations of skimming or fraud.

To become a fundraiser, it doesn't hurt to have a good imagination.  If you've had some advertising experience, you will know how to sell the event, project, or charity.  This also helps when designing brochures, posters or displays. If the fundraising is a smaller commitment, such as for school plays or teams, it takes even a larger imagination to promote these funds.

Having ample time on hand is of the utmost necessity in becoming a fundraiser.  Part-time workers or retirees would have more time to devote to the project, and they often have more patience than full-time workers.

If you're serious about becoming a fundraiser, you need to understand the importance of honesty and personality.  A cashier in a store could cover these qualifications to help round out the fundraiser project. 

Having telemarketing skills helps in becoming a fundraiser.  Telemarketers are already used to calling people they don't even know and have the experience on how keep people from hanging up, and convincing them to commit to sending money.

A waiter or waitress is also used to speaking with people, serving them, and being patient and kind with the customers; these qualities are also useful for those interested in becoming fundraisers.  They also have experience in dealing with irate customers, and can turn negative experiences into positives.

Look around at successful fundraising events in your community, and remember the most effective elements for later use in your own events - you don't want to copy someone else's project exactly, but you can get some wonderful ideas just by attending fundraisers for national charities, and for area churches and schools. 

A very important item to remember as you work to become a fundraiser is that you will need to thoroughly understand the charity or project for which you want to raise funds.  Once you are confident that you understand the project, you will naturally develop a strong passion for it; this will give you the enjoyment and energy needed to become a fundraiser that people will remember. 


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