How To Become an ATM Owner

ATM stands for automated teller machine, a device placed at a bank branch or any other specific location, which helps customers undertake basic banking activities such as withdrawing or transferring money, checking balance, etc. while access to the bank branch is limited or inconvenient. This article provides information on how to become an ATM owner.

How does an ATM earn you money?

The answer is – in several ways; firstly the bank pays you a small fee as an ATM owner for connecting the bank with the cardholder. Secondly, as an ATM owner, you get to charge a surcharge fee, to the cardholder.

Signing up with will gain you up to 110% of this fee. Remember, you are not charged a thing to process ATM transactions with; no minimum, no monthly or any hidden charges. Although the average ATM transaction is $60, most bank rules state, a cardholder needs to draw a minimum of $200 while paying a surcharge. A limit on how much can be withdrawn can be set by you, but the minimum amount is always set to $200. Remember, there are very few $200 transactions! Average surcharge is set from $1.75 to $2.50; as an ATM owner, you get to set the surcharge fee for whatever amount you choose, keeping in mind some specific state rules. Check your legal limit online if you are unsure.

What is ATM usage fee?

Many banks and interbank networks set a usage fee for the use of their Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). Some are assessed mainly for non-members of the bank, while others apply to all users. Many customers oppose this as ATMs are supposed to be a cheaper deal for banks than withdrawals from human tellers! There are 2 types of consumer charges; the surcharge and the foreign fee. A surcharge fee is obligated by the ATM owner and is charged for every customer who uses the ATM. A foreign fee is charged by the card issuer or financial institution, for making a transaction outside their network of machines.  

The Process

  1. Browse through or AmericaOne or ATM4Less to get more information;
  2. Complete the buy/lease ATM form; the site offers you options to choose the best suited ATM for your business location;
  3. Based on your familiarity with ATM functions, complete form with details on exact vendor and model as the options and capabilities of ATMs differ from machine to machine;
  4. A sales consultant gets in touch with you (within 48 hours) to verify the appropriate machine best suited for your location upon completing and submitting the form;
  5. Next, be ready to sign in necessary agreements. A considerable amount of paperwork is needed before the machine gets delivered as ATM equipment is an expensive investment by both the merchant and the vendor;
  6. Once your order is ready, which usually takes 1 business day, prepare for the arrival of your ATM! Be sure to place your machine in a public area where customers can easily access it. Invest on a dedicated telephone line with your telephone company, a 110-volt electrical outlet and Wi-Fi internet access depending on the model;
  7. Ensure all options function correctly, an ATM Experts representative will help ensure the machine is properly configured according to access required by merchant accounts. The representative will also ensure the machine is well stocked with money and answer any of your further queries. When all formalities completed, machines is configured, verified and stocked, your new ATM is ready for use.


  • Increases customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Generates more store traffic
  • Reduces credit card fees and usage
  • Eliminates or reduces the need to accept checks
  • Increases retail sales of the amount withdrawn from your ATM by a percentage
  • Allows your customers to avail cash from bankcards and credit cards
  • Receive surcharge revenue on transactions after every withdrawal.


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