How To Beg, Panhandle or Solicit for Money

There are times when your life can get really difficult and money can become very hard to come by. These moments of despair doesn't need to make you give in to the desperation, though. You can actually earn money through the generosity and charity of many people--both friends and strangers alike. The secret here is in admitting your financial despair and in summoning the audacity to beg.

It's not shameful to beg and ask for financial help. It actually requires much humility because it would require self-deprecation. Even the Bible has something to say about those who persevere and persist in asking. If you keep on asking, you will eventually receive. If you keep on searching, you will eventually find. And, if you keep on knocking at the door, it will eventually be unlocked for you.

How then, can you beg, panhandle, or solicit for money during your hardest of times?  Read on for some tips.

  • Pray for your situation. What you are about to go into is not something that you can do on your own. As a beggar, you will rely on the kindness and generosity of people. It is a path that only the humble will be able to do. Without spiritual courage, you will be expecting people to give out of duty, and that might put you in a more difficult situation. Yet, if you remain humble, you will be open to the goodness of those who are willing to give and remain thankful even towards who don't have the willingness to give.
  • Prepare a sign board. You can use your creativity for this one. You will use your sign to announce to the public your need. To make your sign board, you can use an old clean piece of sturdy paper or cardboard. You can even use one side of a carton or paper box. On the cardboard, write in big letters your request. You can use a marker or some other writing instrument that can produce thick letters. Make sure that the text is big enough to be readable from a distance. As for the text, make sure it describes your situation and the kind of help you need. For example, you can write, "Please Help Me; Going Through Hard Times" or something to that effect.
  • Beg in locations with heavy human traffic. Ideal places are train stations, near groceries and stores, rest stops along highways, and so on. The location matters a lot.
  • Don't be smelly. But, don't look shabby either. People will know that you need help not because of your smell or shabby clothes but because of your sign. You don't have to pretend to be a hobo just to get sympathy. Try also not to explicitly ask for money or spare change. Instead, all you need to do is to catch people's attention so that they will notice your sign and you. Say hello and greet people without getting into their nerves.

Begging and panhandling is an art, but it is an art reserved for the genuine and the sincere. If you completely entrust yourself to the mercy of those who are fortunate at the time when you are unfortunate, you will only realize that the only feeling you can ever have is gratitude.


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