How To Begin Your Debt Relief Process

Debt is never a good thing to have, and often it becomes too much for anyone to handle.  As the cost of everything continues to go up and the pay rates remain stagnant, it is easy to see how so many people are becoming too far in debt.

To start a debt relief process you must first honestly address your debt issues. You will need to ask yourself some very hard questions and the answers you give will determine the plan of action you will need to help you overcome your debt problems.

If you have a steady income coming in you may be able to adjust your debt problems by simply trimming your spending habits and applying your extra money to your debt.  If you have many credit cards and other unsecured debt you will want to eliminate this debt first.  Credit cards and store financing accounts have the highest interest rates around.  You should pay off these accounts as quick as possible and refrain from using them during the process.

If you have a steady income but your debt has exceeded what you bring in you may wish to consider using a debt consolidation or debt settlement company to help you.  These are two different forms of financial help. A debt settlement company will help you negotiate a very low pay off balance and when the amount is agreed you pay the debt off in full. Settlement companies will dramatically reduce your debt but you will not have use of that account anymore.  A debt consolidation firm will be able to reduce your debt also, but they will assist you in getting a loan to pay off all your bills leaving you with one lower monthly payment.

If you have lost all your income and are severely in debt you may have to consider bankruptcy.  There are two forms that you may choose from Chapter 7 or 13.  Depending on your situation and debt load a lawyer will help you determine which option is better from you.  Hopefully you will not have to take this option since bankruptcy can leave you in worse shape than before you started the proceedings.

The most helpful thing that you can do to begin on your journey to financial freedom is to simply quit spending so much money.  It sounds almost silly to say, but it is the absolute truth.  Save your money and only use credit when it is absolutely necessary. Following a basic plan such as that can help you throughout your life.  If you are in debt, no matter how large or small, take control of it and do so quickly.  Debt has a sneaky way of becoming larger than expected at a faster rate than expected.  By seeing the problem and taking control you will succeed.


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