How To Buy a Cemetery Plot

To avoid adding financial burden to the family when they die, people now resort to purchasing their own cemetery plot while they are still alive. Most of the time, a selected funeral home upon the death of a family member handles all the arrangements, including the purchase of the cemetery plot, but more people now prefer to take part in the selection of where they would be laid to rest.

When buying a cemetery plot, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Scout around online or through newspaper advertisements and other promotions for a cemetery you wish to be buried in. Decide on the location based on the preference of your family. Keep in mind that cemetery plots may vary in size and price depending on the location and kind of cemetery you choose.
  2. When you have decided on which cemetery you would like to consider, plan on taking a trip to see the place, so you can personally choose the location of the plot you would like to buy.
  3. Ask for a map of the cemetery grounds and compare where the available plots are located. Check which locations have a view or wider space to stay if you have more visitors.
  4. Inquire about the differences in the prices especially if the cemetery plot has a nice view, like the ocean or a mountain view. Having a view can add to the cost of the plot. Ask about all options from the cheapest to the most expensive.
  5. Consider the cost of purchasing a mausoleum, a plot where your casket can be positioned above the ground, a plot with a garden layout, or a plot for cremated remains. Match the prices of these options with your budget and find out how they compare to regular cemetery plots.
  6. Ask about other costs that you may incur with the purchase of a cemetery plot. Total all costs that may include fees for opening and closing, or the cost of printing a headstone. Ask about service packages offered.
  7. Inquire about your option methods of payment and payment terms available.
  8. 8.    Look into your options to transfer ownership or sell the cemetery plot in the event you need intend not to use it yourself. Ask about other benefits that are offered as well.
  9. If you would like your family to be buried together, you may also plan for buying several plots that are adjacent or near your selected location. Inquire about the cost of adjacent plots or multiple purchases. 
  10. Find out about the cemetery rules to follow if you own a plot. This may include what you can write on the tombstone, how many visitors can be gathered at one time, visiting hours, or restrictions on what you can bring in the place.
  11. Make your final decision and buy the cemetery plot that best matches your budget, choice of location, size of the plot and other benefits that your family can enjoy when they visit you.

Once you have purchased a cemetery plot that you are happy with, you can feel secure, your family need not worry about where you will be laid to rest in case of a sudden or untimely death. If the plot’s ownership is transferable, any of your family members may even benefit from the purchase.


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