How To Buy a Discount Grave Marker

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Buying grave markers (also known as grave stones, headstones, cemetery markers, or grave memorials) to honor your loved ones is no simple task, much less so if you are sticking to a tight budget. Here are a few tips to help you out.

1.    Know the rules. Before anything else, know the policies of the cemetery. They may have rules about grave marker characteristics. Things to know are the following: the allowed height of the grave marker, the material of the grave marker, permitted color of granite grave markers, and allowed text length, symbolisms, decorations, and epitaphs. Knowing the rules ensures that you avoid wasting your money in redecorating, resizing or replacing a grave marker.

2.    Determine the size. Know the size of the cemetery plot and measure how wide your grave marker must be. Consider also the location. Some areas do not allow for a tall, upright grave marker, and they only allow for a flat grave marker. A grave marker may serve as a memorial for two or more loved ones. An interment grave marker is for two graves that are laid on top of each other. A side-by-side grave marker is for graves that are set beside each other. If you choose these types of grave markers, you are eligible to have a discount.

3.    Find grave markers. In the past, cemeteries required people to buy their products and services in bulk. Now, this is considered illegal, and a law is passed that gives people the freedom to buy from different memorial companies. This makes sure that they get the products and services that they prefer and that fit in their budget. Look up the yellow pages for memorial services and monuments. You can call them up and ask for their prices. Ask people you trust if they can recommend a company to you. Go online and find discount grave markers. Here are some sites to visit:

  • Grave markers for your loved ones, including pets, plus other memorial products are sold here. They ship their products for free, and there are no sales taxes when you purchase from them.
  • Products may be arranged by price at this website. They have affordable services as well.

4.    Choose the material. Grave markers can be made in different materials, but the usual ones are granite and bronze. Granite is the most common material to be used in grave markers. Bronze grave markers are usually set with a granite base. Granite grave markers are usually cheaper than bronze grave markers, since these can stand on their own.

5.    Grave marker costs. Granite grave markers are available in a wide array of colors. The color of the granite determines its price. If the color is rare, that is, if the granite is acquired only from selected quarries and unavailable elsewhere, it becomes more expensive. To get a low-priced grave marker, seek grave markers that are made of granite that is readily accessible.

6.    Buying a grave marker at pre-need. Grave markers are usually bought at need, but they can also be bought pre-need. In a pre-need grave marker, the name and the birthday are etched, and the death day is added later. Buying a pre-need grave marker ensures that you will pay at the current price. This helps you avoid paying more for the grave marker if the price increases as time goes by.

7.    Grave marker details. Specify the details that will be engraved in the cemetery marker. The more complicated the words and designs, the more expensive it will be, most especially if an engraved photo is included.

Though you may find that buying a grave marker is challenging, the troubles of setting up a funeral are only temporary. Memorializing a loved one is forever. May these tips help you with your efforts.


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