How To Buy a House in Another State: 10 Simple Tips for Home Buying

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Approximately 40 million Americans move each year, and many of these moves are to different states.

Moving to a different state is more challenging than moving locally, so if you plan on relocating to a new area, you probably have questions.

One question you might have is how to buy a house in another state.

Moving to another state has more challenges, but it is not as hard as you might think.

If you're planning on moving to another state and not sure how to do this, you should check out these ten helpful tips.

1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent in the Area You Are Moving To

You could buy a house in the same town without a real estate agent, but you should not attempt to buy a home in a different state without one.

When you cannot be present during the search for a home to buy, you will need a representative to handle a lot of duties for you. The best option for this job is a real estate agent.

Look for an agent that lives in the city you want to move to, and make sure that he or she has an excellent reputation in the real estate industry.

2. Research the Area

One thing you can do from where you live is research the new area. You can do this online in many ways. For example, you could look up the best neighborhoods to move to in this town.

You could also look up the crime rates in the area, as well as the quality of the school districts. Checking out the location of your new job is another thing you can research, and you can use this location to narrow down where you want to live.

3. Talk to People Who Know the Area

Another great tip to consider is talking to people who know the area. Do you have a relative or friend who has lived there or that works there? If so, speak to that person to find out his or her opinion of the area.

If you don't know anyone in the area, you may want to contact the city's Department of Commerce or the local police station. You can ask them questions about the area to learn more about it.

4. Visit the Area

When you're buying a house out of state, you should always plan a visit to the area. Without seeing it for yourself, you will likely have questions and confusion.

If possible, plan a visit for a weekend or an entire week. Spend time driving around the area, looking at the condition, the amenities, and the homes. You could even visit some open houses if you see any.

If you already have a real estate agent, visit him or her in person. While you are there, ask questions and discuss your upcoming home purchase.

5. Hire a Relocation Specialist

Some people who relocate hire specialists known as relocation specialists. A relocation specialist is a professional that can assist you with every aspect of buying a house in another state.

This person can research things for you, visit homes on your behalf, and arrange moving services for you. The services of a relocation specialist are extremely valuable when moving to a new state.

6. Know What You Want in a Home

As you plan to buy a house in a different state, you should know what you want in a house. You should think about the following features and make a list of what you want:

  • The type of neighborhood
  • The type of home
  • The size of the home
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • The condition and age
  • Your budget

When you create a list of the features you want, your real estate agent will know what to look for in a property.

If you're curious about the prices of homes in the area, you can look them up by checking out these average home prices in a specific city.

You should also feel free to browse through home listings to get an idea of what types of homes you can choose from as well as the prices of the homes.

7. Schedule a Trip for Home Viewings

If you're buying a house out of state before you move to this new location, you need to view homes before you put in an offer. While you can legally put in an offer without viewing a home, seeing a home in person is vital.

If you can schedule just one trip to this new area, work out a plan with your agent ahead of time to view as many homes as possible. In only one weekend, you could view ten or more properties.

8. Add the Right Contingencies to the Offer

When you find the one you feel is the right house for you, make sure you protect yourself by adding the right contingencies to the offer. Your agent will help you know what your options are and which ones to include.

9. Get an Inspection of the Home

One contingency you should add is a home inspection. If you only have 30 minutes to view a house before buying it, getting an inspection is a must.

An inspection will tell you more about the house than you could find out by examining it yourself, and it can reassure you that you found a good-quality home to buy.

10. Consider Renting Before You Buy

One last thing to consider is that you could always rent a house or apartment in the new area first before buying a home. By doing this, you could live in this area for a while to get to know it before you settle on buying a house.

Follow These Tips to Learn How to Buy a House in Another State

After reading these tips, you may understand how to buy a house in another state a little more clearly.

Buying a house is never a fast and simple process, though, but it is even harder when you are relocating to a new area.

Before you start planning your move, check out the rest of our site for more helpful articles about moving.


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