How To Buy a Wardrobe on a Budget

Updating your clothes can be very difficult, especially because of the soaring price of clothing and the economic difficulties of today. A new wardrobe, however, is essential especially when you need to buy new clothes for work or for the season. Here’s how you can update your clothes while working on a budget.

  1. Take care of other expenses. There is always the possibility that you will overspend when you purchase a new set of clothes, especially for people who find shopping very alluring. Because of this, you should take care of all of your monthly bills first. Set aside money for the electricity, water, Internet and cable bills, and other utilities that you need to pay. Also set aside some money for basics such as food and emergencies. The leftover money can be used for your wardrobe.
  2. Budget the wardrobe fund. From the basic wardrobe budget that you have, you need to divide it into the types of clothing that you will purchase. For instance, you can save about $ 700 dollars for a complete wardrobe. From this primary fund, you should allot around 40 percent for the tops, 20 percent for the bottoms, 20 percent for the blazers and jackets, and the rest for accessories and shoes. This will prevent you from spending too much on a single item of clothing.
  3. Buy the basics. When purchasing clothes, be sure that you focus on the basics. For instance, you should try clothing materials which are classy and always in season, instead of wardrobes that are trend based. The problem with following fashion trends is that these trends eventually die out, leaving you with clothes that you can no longer use for the rest of the season. Try to purchase a simple but elegantly cut black suit, as well as blouses that you can use for both the office, or pair with a sexy jacket for a night out in town. With classy and well chosen pieces, you can combine a small number of clothes in a way that will not look repeated.
  4. Get essential accessories. What will help you make each outfit stand out are the accessories that you pair up with your clothes. There is no need to purchase expensive accessories or jewelry. There are beautiful looking pieces which are made of inexpensive silver or glass. When paired correctly, these will stand out equally well. Also, do not be tempted into accessories which are too loud. These are often very difficult to pair with other clothes and can only be worn occasionally. A watch, a simple necklace, and a bracelet will work wonders as long as they are flattering and subtle enough to be used for a variety of outfits.

Check out flea markets and discount shops. Not everything with a hefty price tag will look good on you. Part of the thrill in finding clothes is when you scour the back alleys and the discount bins for great finds. This may be a bit more challenging and time consuming, but the best clothing pieces are usually tucked away in small shops and boutiques. Even better, these are usually sold for a very low price.


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