How To Buy Abandoned Storage Units

Storage unit

People who have excess stuff often rent storage units offered by purpose-built storage facilities. However, over time, these people fail to keep up with rental costs and totally abandon their units. In an effort to make up for the losses and the rental costs of the storage units, the storage facility administrators put these units up for auction. Who in his right frame of mind would ever buy an abandoned storage facility? This is probably what you are thinking right now. Lots of business-minded people do!

Whether you are interested in selling second-hand stuff or just want to find something that will be useful to you, abandoned storage units are a good place to start. Here's how:

  1. Find abandoned storage units. If you know some storage facilities near your location, go to the administrator and ask if there are any abandoned storage units. Enquire about auction dates and other details. You can also find abandoned storage units for auction by checking your local paper's classified ads section or browsing through online classified ad sites. Before you register your attendance to a scheduled auction, you will need to verify costs. Some auctions require paying an attendance fee or paying a cleaning deposit.
  2. Bring the essentials. Most storage units are dark so bring a flashlight with you. You should be driving a pickup truck or have your car pull a trailer for your loot. Have a pair of gloves and a facemask as storage facilities and even the things inside them are not dust-free. Bring your own boxes to carry small materials. Have ropes and tarpaulins ready for securing your stuff on the back of your truck or your trailer. You should also have a bottle of water and a towel ready since you will be expecting hard work in loading your items. Have your tax ID ready just in case you will be reselling the items so you will not have to pay additional taxes. Lastly, do not forget your cash so you can bid on each unit! That is the only type of payment accepted in auctions like this.
  3. Scrutinize closely what you are buying. Storage facilities often auction the whole lot and not on a per piece basis. What happens is that they will open each abandoned unit and offer a base price. The bidder with the highest price will naturally gain ownership of everything that is in the unit. Once you are inside, look for moving company boxes. The boxes will show that the people who rented the unit have money and obviously have quality items on storage. You should also look at the quality of the stuff inside the storage units. See if the furniture inside is still in good shape and can be resold. The area where the storage facility is located also tells much about the good inside each unit as people usually rent storage facilities near their residence.

Remember, one man's trash may be treasure for another. These storage units may be abandoned but the things stored inside them may be worth a fortune.


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