How To Buy Diapers on a Budget

Diapers are essentials for a baby, but requiring five or more a day can be rough on the budget. Here are tips in buying diapers on a budget:

  • Collect coupons. Coupons for diapers can be found in newspapers, baby magazines and on selected websites. Just clip off the coupons you want (for the website, print the coupon you want), and then present them to the cashier upon buying your diapers.
  • Purchase in warehouse outlets. Warehouse stores reduce the prices of the items they have in stock by reducing their overhead through bulk sales and lower rental space. You can also visit thrift shops for really good deals on diapers.
  • Search for discount diapers in the Web. Many websites offer discounted diapers in bulk, offsetting delivery cost by eliminating retail fees. Classified ads, message boards and social networks are good sources of affordable diapers. Take the time to read the comments and reviews to see if current users recommend the diapers for sale. You may even find free diapers if you know where to look.
  • Join a community of mothers. While the mothers in your neighborhood can be adequate, an online or physical community of mothers in your district is a great way to find out about sales on baby items, including diapers. Befriend individuals who are updated with prices bargains and deals with regards to baby products, and join them during hunts for limited time offers.
  • Visit a crisis pregnancy office. These programs are usually non-profit in nature, and big baby product companies regularly donate diapers and other baby items to them. It’s best to know someone who works there to give you a heads-up when a new batch of charity products arrive, or even reserve a few diapers for you.
  • Make sure your storage room is adequate for your diaper needs. Diaper storage space need to be dry to prevent mildew and termites from attacking your cellulose-based inventory. Store each batch of diapers in its original plastic cover to reduce any damage. Failure to protect your horde of diapers can make you lose all the savings you acquire by buying in bulk.
  • Consider using cloth diapers. Reusing cloth diapers by washing them over and over again will save you a lot compared to disposable varieties. You can further reduce your expense buy comparing prices and choosing durable fabrics. For the ultimate in cloth diaper savings, buy used diapers. You can also extend your budget by sewing up cloth diaper wipes. Again, the Web is a good source for used diapers and price comparisons for cloth varieties.

While it makes sense to buy diapers on a budget, take care that your baby doesn’t experience discomfort by buying inferior products or overusing the diaper. At worst, your baby can develop rashes and illness, defeating all your budget techniques by spending on medical and pharmaceutical bills.


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