How To Buy Farm Insurance

If you own a farm, here are a few tips on how to buy farm insurance.

First of all you must remember that to get farm insurance you must have a certain amount of acreage, barns, farm equipment, and animals that need to be insured.

Small outbuildings and storage sheds do not qualify you to write a farm insurance policy.  You must have barns used to house tractors; animals, hay, and other farm-related items and equipment as well as several acres of land.

The second step in buying farm insurance involves knowing the value of your land, equipment, animals etc.

When talking with an agent or getting a quote online you must know how much coverage you will need on specific things.  First of all, you must realize that the farm owner’s policy will also cover your house.  So you need to know the value of your home, barns, tractors, animals, and other small and large equipment. 

It is important for you to make an itemized list of your large equipment such as tractors, combines, hay bales, and so on.  These items will need to be specifically insured on the policy.  You will need to check with the company as to whether you need an itemized list of smaller items such as rakes, discs, and the like.  Some policies already have a certain amount of coverage provided for these types of items without naming them specifically on the policy.  Most companies charge extra for specifically insuring certain equipment.

If you have show animals, you will also need to inform the insurance company of the value of the animals.  Make an itemized list of each animal and the value of the animal.  Most companies will charge extra if you put coverage on several high-priced animals.  In fact, some people who own extremely expensive animals may have to go with a farm owner’s policy and an umbrella policy, or even what is called an inland marine policy.  Simply ask your agent which is right for you.

A farm owner’s policy alone will not cover a business you may have at your farm.  If you have something like a pumpkin patch, horseback riding, or any other special event or side business on your farm property for which you charge money, you will have to get another type of coverage to provide protection for this.  You will usually need a separate liability-type policy to cover this type of event. 

Thus, buying farm insurance is not a difficult task if you just follow these few simple steps.


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