How To Buy Groceries in Bulk

Buying groceries in bulk is a smart move when you have a large family or food business e.g. diner or catering. Even on a shoestring budget of less than $10 a week, you can afford to buy groceries in bulk. Are your eyes getting as big as saucers with curiosity now? Well, you are about to find out how:

  • Take one week for an all-cheap-no-frills-week. Talk to the family and tell them about your plan to review what you enjoy eating on a regular basis that costs little to buy and stock. You will then make a list of these for a full week of cheap meals. Grocery items like hotdogs, eggs, burger patties, ground beef, vegetables, and noodles will take up this list. The rest of your grocery money will then be spent on regular meals for the remaining weeks of the month. Set aside money for this cheap list, shop for it weekly, and then you can slowly see your food items stocking up at home.
  • Buy from co-ops. Where do you think your child’s local school gets their food supply? It ain’t from the supermarket, missy. Co-ops are great for bulk-buying fresh grocery items like dairy, fruits, meats, and poultry.  For more information about co-ops, visit:
  • Sidle up to the local grocer for case buying. Ask your local grocer if he can give you a discounted price on a case of food item that you want to buy e.g. juice or vegetables. You won’t have a hard time convincing him because he will get paid for something rather than him paying someone to line them on the shelves in the form of a “stocking fee.”
  • Write all the essential food items in a master list. These are food items that you buy weekly without fail. From this list, you buy more than the usual number of items say, 3 dozen eggs instead of 2 dozens. In time, you will have a stocked pantry at home.
  • Visit organic farms. It’s more economical to buy in bulk from this marketplace instead of the farmer’s market.
  • Stock up on coupons. It is possible to buy groceries in bulk without spending a dime. This has been proven time and again. The answer is found in coupons. You just need to faithfully cut these coupons anywhere you can find ‘em and use these for buying bulk items both food and non-food. The first source of coupons is newspapers.
  • Ask for help from your favorite restaurants. Restaurants are able to price their menus affordably because they have suppliers and distributors that give them realistic discounts for bulk orders. If you are quite close with any of the owners or managers of the restaurants you frequent, by all means ask for names and call the suppliers and distributors to place your bulk orders for items such as milk, cheese, condiments, juices, sandwich spreads, and ice creams. Here’s a tip: Sysco and Nicholas.
  • Look for other sources of funding. Is there a tax refund available to you soon? Extra income coming your way? Use this money to buy grocery items in bulk paying special attention to items that are on sale.
  • Don’t snub grocery flyers. That greeter by the door with a stack of flyers could be the answer to your goal. Flyers that announce super sales and offer discount coupons are exactly what you need to stretch a buck while trucking home loads of food enough to last for months!

See? You just have to be a little more enterprising to keep your pantry stocked with groceries and those tips will get you there sooner than you think!


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