How To Buy Inexpensive Snack Food

With today's cost of living, the price of some snack food also puts a huge dent in the weekly meal budget. Looking at the items displayed in the grocery store is enough to bring stress. Homemakers must then be very innovative about finding ways to provide for the needs of the family. There are plenty of alternatives. The following suggestions should help you with finding inexpensive snack food for your family or to satisfy your cravings.

  1. Go with fresh products instead of packs of cookies or chips. You can find plenty of snack foods at the produce section and they are usually very easy to prepare. Combined with jams, dips and spreads, they would be perfect for snacking. Not only that, they are healthier, inexpensive options, too. A stick of celery dipped in peanut butter would be very tasteful. Carrots dipped in cheese spread would also make a delicious treat. Have chopped or slices of these in your refrigerator ready. Keep it in a zip lock bag so that you can snack on it anytime you want. These produce usually lasts for about a week in refrigerator.
  2. Next to the produce section is the fruits section. Pick out apples, bananas, mangoes or oranges. Buy half a kilo and make yourself a salad at home, to store in the fridge for eating later. Eat the salad with a batch of pancakes for a heavier snack. Fruits may also be dipped in chocolate syrup, for a delicious fondue serving. These are packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, as well as high fiber content, which let you feel fuller. You wouldn't have to snack so often if you are snacking on these. Thus, you wouldn't have to consume too much food, saving you all that unnecessary purchases.
  3. You can also snack on cereals and oatmeal, topped with some dried nuts or with a big helping of fresh fruits. Or you can pick the chocolate variety and add some cheese on it. Eaten for breakfast or for mid-afternoon snacks, one bowl of oatmeal should also be very filling and will provide you with energy for the rest of the day.
  4. If you don't feel like eating breakfast food for snacks, then you can munch on crackers instead. Spread some jam on it or pair it with cheese for a more tasteful combination. Pick crackers with low sodium content so that you wouldn't have to worry about it affecting your health. Crackers come in packages of ten or maybe even more, so you would have enough to last for the week. They also come in many variants and flavors. You can pick one or two kinds for variety of taste.
  5. Everybody loves popcorn and this is a snack the whole family can enjoy munching together as you watch your favorite programs on television. Because popcorn is made for snacking by groups, you can buy a box, which contains about four to five packs, and have enough to feed a big group. It does come out cheaper and more practical this way.


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