How To Choose the Right Part Time Job

Are you someone working full time who wants to earn an extra income? If so, then this article is for you. As they say, nobody becomes rich by being an employee for all of his or her life. Most likely, if you are an employee, you are living paycheck to paycheck and may even be in deep debt. One way you can improve your life or at least lessen your debt is to find a part time job. Earning an extra income does not happen overnight. You need to assess what jobs you can do for a couple of hours per day that will suit your schedule and skills.

Here are few tips to help you locate a part time job that is right for you:

  1. Assess yourself. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and skills will help you determine the type of part time job that best suits you. If you are engaged in clerical work, then you might take a part time clerical job. If you have patience, then you might want to tutor students at night. If you are not adept at technology, then computer-related part time jobs are not for you. It is just a matter of weighing options with regard to your strengths, skills, and also your weaknesses.
  2. Availability. Know what time of the day you are available to work the extra hours required by a part time job. Anticipate those events that will affect your part time job and prepare for them. You must be very good at planning your schedule so that the interests of your part time job do not interfere with those of your full time employer.
  3. Salary. Be sure you know the salary rate you are going to get from the part time job. Try to weigh if it is worth spending all your extra hours for that amount of extra income. The goal of working for a part time job is to have an extra income, and knowing the salary precisely will help you to make a cost/benefit analysis.
  4. Connections. The best way to land a good part time job is to rely on the referrals of your connections. Ask your family, friends or colleagues for any available part time jobs they know about that you can apply for. Chances are that some of the people you know will have something to share with you and that a job they recommend will be better than a job you can find on your own.
  5. Resourcefulness. Nothing beats being resourceful. You can search the Internet for online job postings or the newspaper for any job posts that would be appropriate for you. There are a lot of jobs online that you can apply for, but always keep an eye out for scammers. Do an online search about any company that you are applying for with an eye to discovering any scam associated with that company.

A part time job can add income to your monthly salary. If you are determined to eliminate debt or improve your position, a part time job may be the way to do that -- with a little determination, you will get that part time job that best suits you.


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Baby-sitting or day-care services are also good ways of earning a part-time income on weekends, especially for women.

By Sadaf Farooqi