How To Communicate with a Credit Bureau

Maintaining a good credit standing is very important today. A good credit score could help you raise your credit limit and allow you to make bigger purchases. However, sometimes there are errors on your credit reports which may drag your credit score down. To fix any inaccuracies on these reports, there are three credit bureaus that you need to communicate with to dispute them. These credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. If you have any problems with your credit reports, which are affecting your credit standing, you need to communicate with these three companies.

Here are some steps and suggestions which you could use to communicate with a credit bureau.

  • Request credit reports from all three agencies. As an active consumer, you are entitled to one free credit report from each agency every year. By requesting a report, you may be able to see the errors on the reports which may be causing some problems in improving your credit standing.
  • Spot the errors and take note of them. Be sure to find the errors which weaken your credit score on each credit report. Find the inaccuracies which negatively affect your credit score. Outline and take note of these errors before you send a letter to the bureaus to dispute these. Draft the letter and highlight all the errors and inaccuracies that you found.
  • Write a letter to the credit bureaus highlighting the errors from the reports. Let the inaccuracies on the report be known to the credit bureau. Dispute these errors, and request them to make adjustments on you credit score and standing.
  • Send the letter through certified mail and wait for a reply. To be sure that the credit bureau gets your letter, send it through certified mail. Wait for their reply within 30 days and see if the changes have been reflected on the reports.
  • Request for a new credit report from each bureaus. You are allowed to request for a new credit report after the errors have been corrected and removed. Review the report and see if all the errors you spotted were corrected and necessary changes were made. If the changes were made, this new credit report would show you your new credit score and standing.

To have a good credit score means having to pay your bills on time and being a reasonable consumer. You need to have control and responsibility whenever you use your credit card. It is also important that you adhere to the responsibilities of using a credit card in order for you not to go beyond your limitations. To prevent yourself from getting a bad credit score, stick to the commitments you have for each credit card that you are using. Pay your bills in a timely manner and keep your credit score good at all times.


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