How To Compare Property Taxes

Comparing property taxes is not difficult to do. The information below will explain in detail how to properly compare property taxes. There are mainly two ways to obtain property tax values for comparison.

One of the most convenient and quickest ways to obtain property taxes is to search at your local county's tax appraiser office online. Most counties have property tax values accessible through the Internet as public information. If you enter an address, owners name or property tax identification number the website will provide the information needed to make an accurate comparison. Keep in mind that if you do a search under a person’s name it may list all the properties owned by that person so be certain you find the correct  property you are looking for. Once you have located the property you are seeking you may also be able to browse other properties located in the area. If your county does not provide access online you may have to go in person to view the public records archive at the tax appraiser office.

Once you have found the data of the property taxes you will see a column with the tax rate breakdown. There you will see what percent you pay towards school, county, city and hospital taxes to name a few. To find out what is the total property tax is you add the itemized tax rate. To compare with another property's tax you also add its itemized tax rate and simply compare the total tax rates side by side.

Another way to obtain property taxes for comparison is to visit your local real estate office. Most real estate agents have access to property tax values some will provide this service for free. However, some may charge a small fee so be sure to ask upfront if there will be any charges. A real estate agent is very knowledgeable and can save you time in comparing property tax values. A real estate agent can also tell you if tax vales are increasing or decreasing in the local area. If you decide to use the services of an agent and it's done for free be sure to mail them a thank you card at the very least as a token of your appreciation. If you go see them next year for the same purpose they will remember you and will be more than happy to help you again.


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