How To Contact Credit Bureaus

The credit card is vital to most of today’s business transactions. It is very convenient especially for emergency cases wherein spending is necessary but actual cash is unavailable. Actually, asking for credit reports is free and they are generated by your credit company yearly. The three major credit bureaus are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. They have the necessary information about your credit histories and your other transactions. If you want to know about credit records, credit scores and reports then it is better to contact a credit bureau.

How exactly can a credit bureau benefit you? What service or convenience does it provide to you? A credit bureau is a company that gathers data about a person’s credit history, monthly salary, and other financial information, and also whether that person ever filed bankruptcy or is not good in paying debts. They will get your debt or credit information and give you a credit score, which is actually just a number signifying your trustworthiness as a borrower.

  • You can actually contact and get the information you need for either of these purposes: you want to correct the mistakes found in your credit report or because you want to have a copy of your credit reports.
  • You would want to have copies of credit reports because you want to know what your credit score is. So, if someone looks for your credit report they will be able to know if you are a good target for not allowing any transactions because of your bad scoring. You will also identify which company has been asking about your credit report.
  • You also want to contact credit bureaus to avoid any credit theft. This will determine if there were any unauthorized transactions or changes made using your credit card. If there is an unusual movement in your credit card, report the anomaly immediately.
  • There are times when you have credit report mishaps that you want to be corrected. Contact the customer service line of your credit bureau. There are actually guidelines when you want to file a claim.
  • The following are the three largest credit bureaus, as well their contact numbers and addresses. All three of them have official websites on the Web, too.
    • TransUnion. Mailing address: TransUnion, PO Box 2000, Chester, PA, 19022. Customer service number: 1-800-916-8800. They have a special division for fraud reports and credit card disputes:  TransUnion Fraud Victim Assistance Division, PO Box 6790, Fullerton, CA, 92634.
    • Experian. Mailing address: P.O. Box 2104 Allen, TX, 75013. Try calling their hotline to file a fraudulent event involving your credit card or to request for your credit report:  1-800-397-3742.
    • Equifax. Mailing address: Equifax, PO Box, 740201, Atlanta, GA, 30374-0241. For general concerns and inquiries, you can call up their public hotline at 1-800-865-1111, but for reporting fraudulent activity, contact a dedicated hotline at 1-800-525-6285.

Annual credit reports are actually free so it is best to check them annually. This will avoid any credit errors and to easily identify if there is any. If there are any mistakes, don’t hesitate to report immediately. It is better to ask through the phone than just relying on the Net. The Internet is usually filled with so many scams and fraudulent credit sites, so it is advisable to be cautious in requesting reports through the Net. If you want to search online then it is best to visit , it is one of the leading providers in the Internet. Or you can also visit as an option.


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