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Telecheck is a company that verifies people’s checks. People avail of the company’s subscription so they can have a convenient way to pay their bills. The company gives its subscribers the ease of conducting electronic transactions. Telecheck verifies people’s check and electronic transactions with the help of a database that holds all the members’ personal information. The company processes all the transactions made by its members and issues notices to the banks that must deal with the payments that must be made to address the verified transaction.

Here are the steps that you should follow to contact Telecheck:

  • Decide on the transactions that you want to discuss with Telecheck. People contact Telecheck when they want to make inquiries about the transactions they make. Decide on what you want to discuss with the company. If you decided to switch banks, contact the Telecheck to have the bank routing number changed. Since the company’s database is faulty, there is a high chance that your check will be denied, or returned for collection, and that you will be mistaken for check fraudulence or theft. Always looking into the nature of the denied transaction will give you a better chance of arguing your case.
  • Find out if the company where you made your purchase is a Telecheck Merchant. Some companies refuse to entertain Telecheck transactions because of the service’s faulty system. Before you more on to making inquiries about your transactions, find out if the store offers merchant services for Telecheck. If the store does not offer Telecheck merchant services, contact First Data Corporation, the company that offers Telecheck services to withdraw the transaction you made.
  • Call Telecheck. Calling Telecheck is one way of ensuring you will get the company’s attention. Telecheck has two hotlines: a hotline where you can make inquiries about denied transactions and a hotline where theft and fraud is discussed. Call the appropriate hotline so you can directly talk about business without having your calls rerouted to another number. Make sure you have all the details of the transaction with you before you call so that you will not make the customer service agent wait while you rummage through your stuff to search for your notification.
  • Send an email. Sending an email after your call is another way to get a guarantee that your complaints will be entertained. Sending a ticket to the website’s customer support is also great if you want to make sure that Telecheck is alerted that you are serious about your complaints. This will also come in handy, in case the person who took your call forgot your inquiries.
  • Send a letter through snail mail. Sending a letter through snail mail is a very slow procedure. However, it is a very sure one. Sending a letter will give the company a constant reminder that you are always waiting for them to act on your complaint. This will give you a chance to express your feelings about the matter.

Telecheck provides the ease that customers need to make purchases. However, the faulty system can prove to be a big hassle whenever your checks get denied. Contact Telecheck using these steps for you to get fast results whenever your transactions are denied.


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