How To Convert British Pounds to Dollars

The world's most famous currencies are Great Britain's Pound and the United States Dollar. The rising and falling of exchange rates is somehow confusing, that before you do any kind of transaction abroad, you have to check with the current rate. Some people prefer to wait for the rate to rise in their favor before exchanging their money or doing any business related with different currencies.

Knowing how to convert currencies is beneficial, especially to businessmen. If you are in charge of the financial aspect of a company, awareness of the present exchange rate is required. How can you monitor investments if you don't know how to compute conversions? Whenever you travel, you need to exchange your money for the destination's currency. Otherwise, your GBP, for instance, will be useless. Do not forget that not all stores accept credit cards.

Web site merchants have now incorporated a conversion matrix on their Web sites. People who are just visiting or planning to buy can easily view the price of the item or service per currency. This is a big help since you do not need to fetch the calculator to compute the given price against the currency rate you need. However, it is always better to double check everything when it comes to money. Knowledge of how to convert currencies is handy in this kind of situation. You can make your own computations and compare it against the merchant Web site's price conversion. A difference in result must be discussed between you and the merchant or customer service. This is because some merchants have hidden charges and are clever enough to get away with it.

Here are the steps on how to convert British Pound to Dollar manually:

  1. Check the day's exchange rate for the British Pound to the US dollar. You can find it in the newspaper, banks, Internet or television. Some news programs or stations present the day's exchange rate early in the morning.
  2. The exchange rate for example is 1 British Pound = 1.6554 U.S. dollars. Let's say, you want to convert 10 GBP to U.S. dollars.
  3. Multiply 10 GBP by 1.6554 USD. The product is 16.554. That is the amount of money you will get when you have your 10 GBP exchanged for USD.

Thanks to the Internet, conversion has been made easier. Here's how:

  1. On your favorite search engine, type the words "currency calculator."
  2. A Web site with a currency calculator will appear.
  3. Change the conversion matrix to British Pounds to United States Dollar.
  4. Input the amount of GBP you wish to convert.
  5. Click the calculate or convert button.

Be sure to type the correct words. You might end up with the wrong results. Instead of an online calculator for currency conversion, Zone diet calculator might appear. This is a software that computes the amount of protein a specific individual must intake daily. Some people believe that the answer to the never ending topic of how to lose weight lies in the proper intake of protein.

Or if you use "pounds" as the keyword, measuring scales might appear as results like counting scale, floor scale and shipping scale. Remember, always input proper keywords since they are made for easier searching.


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