How To Convert Credit Card Points to Frequent Flyer Miles

Credit cards are very useful things to have. They are not only there when you need emergency spending money, but at the same time, you are also earning points that are accumulated to get some sort of prize or reward. One such advantage of a credit card is that you can use the points that you have earned to get frequent flyer miles.

  1. Different credit cards have different guidelines when it comes to redeeming your frequent flyer miles. Request for a copy of the requirements and be familiar with the equivalents. Let’s say you presently have 17,000 credit card points. If one credit card point is equivalent to one mile, then you would already have accumulated 17,000 miles. That would already be enough to cover about $150 of a plane ticket. Also, it is important to know whether or not there is an expiry date for your points to be converted into miles. Some credit card companies would have this as a rule, so always make sure you don’t lose your points and that you get to convert them into miles before they even expire.
  2. Know all the rules and regulations that your credit card company imposes when it comes to these promotions. Ask all the questions that you want answers to and know everything there is to know. If you are able to fully understand the system, then you will be able to convert your points with no problems.
  3. Once you have already accumulated enough points, arrange your travelling plans. Some credit card companies would require that you go with a specific airline that they have ties with, so check out the different airline companies for destinations.
  4. In order to redeem your credit card points, you can either give your credit card company’s customer hotline or if they have the option to do it online. Do so, at your convenience. Make sure that you have all of your credit card documents and your travel arrangements ready.
  5. Wait until the travel credit will be applied on your credit card account. This amount will be equivalent to the points that you have converted into miles.
  6. Once you have received the credit on your account, you can already then pay for your plan ticket with the use of your miles. Since some credit card companies do not do reimbursements, you would have to call the airline directly and then provide them with a frequent flyer number that your credit company will give you. After this, when approved, the airline will inform you about the dates and times that you are allowed to use your points.

If this is the first time you’ve heard that you actually have this perk with having a credit card, then you should call your credit card company right away, and see how much points you’ve already accumulated. You might already be accumulating points without knowing it. You might have more than enough points to bring you to places that you never imagined you could go to!


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