How To Determine a Historical Price for a Stock

You can find historical data and charts by checking sites like Scottrade and Scottrade Trader Elite.  If you learn that the ticker price of a stock tends to go down consistently during a certain time period you can go to in order to find out the data given on the price.  If you are serious about looking up historical trends regarding the price of a stock you will find that going through traditional periodicals, newspapers and magazines such as the Wall Street Journal or Forbes Magazine, is something which would be well worth your time.  They provide data which can give you an idea of what a good historical price is and what the best time is to invest in a particular stock.  It also is a good idea to check into some of the early investors in a company. All you have to navigate a site like Scottrade is to type in your user ID followed by your password.

Once you are logged into your personal area within Scottrade you can do a search for something like General Electric by typing GE into the stock symbol search area.  Once you find General Electric, Scottrade will give you yearly data on how the company is doing and where the stock is likely headed.  You should also be able to clearly see the list of stocks that you have already bought through Scottrade.  You can just click on the stock symbol itself once you have done the search in order to go through the buying and selling process.

You can learn information about gold and other currencies at Forex if you go to  Although historically gold prices are not focused on an individual stock price, you cannot deny the importance of gold and other stocks within an entire portfolio.  You always do proper research regarding stocks on channels such as CNBC and even Fox Business with investors like Wayne Rogers.  People on these programs such as Jim Cramer will be able to tell you about the historical stock prices of a company like Cisco Systems, and where you can find a historical graph of a company's stock price as a part of a company's investor relations, on a company's website.

A stockbroker or financial adviser can help you look up some of this historical data.  There is not one exact way to look up historical stock prices.  If you don't gain information from as many important and relevant sources before making a stock purchase, the investment is likely to fail.


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