How To Ensure Your Wachovia Account Is Safe

Why Risk Your Entire Savings?

As we all know, Wachovia was overtaken by Citigroup and now there is some sense of fear among those who currently have their hard-earned paychecks sitting in their Wachovia accounts. What do you do? Is your money safe? What's the worst?

Depending on the station you watch or the paper you read, your answers will vary. Your accounts are safe, but here are some ways to make sure when the transfers of accounts switch to Citigroup's infrastructure that your money is safe and numbers accurate. The last thing you want is to be that small percentage who has to fight with a new bank that has no prior history of your accounts. Here's what you need to do.

Step 1

Get a print screen of your account summary online - this will ensure that you have a valid picture of what your account contains in terms of funds. The Print Screen key is on the top right side of your keyboard. This automatically snaps a picture of your computer screen. Make sure you are viewing the important information, though.

Open a word document and hit Edit->Paste.

Step 2

Print a hardcopy of your account summary  - In the event that you experience a difference in numbers during the switch, which is currently happening, you will now have two valid references to show your new bank.

Step 3

Make payments online - This includes any loans or outstanding fees that you owe. Many people still pay their bank loans with checks, which can be easily lost or misplaced. It is also very time consuming to try and prove if an error occurs that is very costly on your end. A new bank will be even harder to convince. With online payments you have electronic copies and a trail that can be followed regardless of the situation.

Step 4

Start diversifying your accounts. For example, if you have too much of your 401k in employee stock, you need to diversify. This current situation should have been a good lesson for many people that it is smart to have your funds evenly distributed versus being tied up in one spot.

If you have more than 20% in banks stock you desperately need to dilute that percentage with other accounts.

Step 5

Watch subsidiaries - For example if you have a loan out with some Wachovia Services you will be able to track down the subsidiary bank transfers. This will ensure your finances are ok - which they should be.

Step 6

Keep your eye on financial portals - This will allow you to stay up to date with private banks. Some great places for reference include the motley fool, yahoo finance, msn and any other places you are familiar with that deliver accurate information.

Please remember that these steps are strictly for precaution. As we all know, when it comes to computers problems are inevitable. With the transfer of accounts from Wachovia to Citigroup infrastructure you will want to cover your bases. It's only a few minutes that could safe you months of fighting not to mention other issues that follow when you have insufficient funds.

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