How To File an Amended Tax Return with TurboTax

Using TurboTax is a convenient way to file your annual income tax return. Should you feel the need to amend the tax return you have already filed using TurboTax, then you should know that the process is pretty simple and straightforward. However, in doing so, make sure the every bit of added information you input is correct and accurate plus, make sure to enter the reason for these changes as the system will require it. Once you are done with that, you can go on with the other phases of the process by way of its intuitive wizard, which should instruct you on how to proceed. Nevertheless, here are some steps you can follow to make your experience a lot more pleasant.

  • Sign in. To start amending your income tax return, you will first have to sign in to your TurboTax account. Once logged in, bring up the mouse to the tab labeled “Federal” and choose “other” from the options provided.
  • Start making the changes. At this point, you will want to click on “Amend Return” from the menu to proceed with the changes. There will be various areas where you can change the existing information on the previously filed tax return. Explore each area and make the changes. For example, if you are looking to add a W-2 to your tax return, then simply go to the “income” area of the interface and proceed with the addition.
  • Input the reason for the changes. For each line that you will need to change or alter, the system will prompt you to input the reason for the changes. A simple but relevant answer should suffice. For instance, if you added a W-2 to the “income” area of your tax return, then simply plot in the reason for this—that you want to add another stream of income to your tax return.
  • Changes made on the Federal area will reflect on the State area. Yes, any changes or alterations made on the information or lines in the Federal area of your income tax return will reflect on the State area. This makes TurboTax a real convenient system to use. However, once you do get to the State area of the interface, you will be bombarded with queries for each changed line as well. Make sure to answer these queries with valid responses as well. A good example would be if you made amendments on your federal tax deductions. These changes will reflect on the State tax deductions as well thus, prompting a query for the changes. Simply state that you altered the federal tax deductions as the reason for the state deductions changes and plot in the primary reason for the amendment.

At the end of the process, save the changes and print out the amended tax return. Make sure to combine the federal and state tax returns together and mail it to the necessary offices, state and IRS tax offices. Make sure to review the returns before mailing it in.


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