How To File Taxes as a Single Person

At the beginning of each year, 1099's and W-2 forms are sent to everyone who has earned the amount necessary to file taxes with the IRS and the state. This article gives steps to file taxes as a single person in the U.S.

The first thing to do is get the form necessary for filing federal and state taxes. Either the 1040 long form or the 1040EZ, which is the short form, can be used to file taxes. The one for your state should be 1040 and your state abbreviation. Ex: Maine would be 1040ME. The short form is for people who have 1099's and W-2 forms. If you have stocks, etc, you will need to fill out the long form with the schedules a, b, c or d, at the end of these forms.

Either form used can be used to file taxes as a single person. Fill out the name, address, etc, and then check the box for single filing status. If there is a dependent, check any appropriate box for this type, or for head of household, widow, etc. There are directions with each form and the IRS, local, online, or by telephone, can assist with any questions.

The next sections for the federal filing taxes as a single person are exemptions, income and adjusted gross income. Exemptions will be about dependents you can claim. If someone else claims you, leave the "yourself" box unchecked. Income is wages. Amount of earnings required to pay taxes on. Check with your state for the amount required to file taxes. The adjusted gross income section gives a few things to check and write amounts about, such as if someone pays for education. That will be deducted from total income to give adjusted income.

The rest of the form is self explanatory, and these tax forms can be done online now, called e-file. Most times, when filing taxes online, corrections can be made right then. The website for the IRS has tools to highlights errors in red so that they can be fixed.

The state tax forms to file taxes as a single person are basically the same as the federal tax forms. People who are married file taxes separately, just not as single person. It would be married, filing separately. Filing taxes online is so convenient today to file taxes as a single person, and for others to file taxes.


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