How To Fill Out a Home Heating Credit Application

Low-income residents of Michigan who suffer come winter season due to the high cost of keeping their houses warm can get some financial relief by filling out a home heating credit application. This do not include commercial establishments, students studying full-time who claimed as dependents, people who lived in assisted-care facilities the previous year, people who share in the apartment rental, but are not included in the lease contract. The United States Department of Health and Human Services provides financial support for this.  Depending on how much you shelled out to keep your home nice and warm the previous, you just might be eligible for a refund if you meet the qualifications of the Home Heating Credit. You will also receive the amount that varies depending on the number of folks you live with and how long you’ve been staying in the house with them. Since this is a great relief from burden during winter, so does one apply for one?

Check your income level. If your income is within the range allowed to be eligible for the benefits of the Home Heating Credit, then you should consider filing for it. Do not fake your income just to receive these credits. Take the time to access this information from your local Department of Human Resources for a Michigan Home Heating Credit pamphlet.
Consider accessing the Michigan Home Heating Credit pamphlet online through

Get a MI-1040CR-7 claim form. You can either mail or file the application online. This form will be included with your information packet. You may scroll to the end of the document and click on the "MI-1040CR-7, Home Heating Credit Claim", if you opt to access the Home Heating Credit information packet online since the form is downloadable. Provide information such as copies of your most recently filed tax return, SSN, and heating expenses for the 12 month, proof of residency and your dependent count. You will also need to provide details about your dependents, such as their name, SSN, age, and medical expenses in the past 12 months, as well as relationship to the applicant.

Complete your copy of Michigan Form 3174. This is so that the refund will be put straight into your account. This should be submitted along with your MI-1040CR-7.  Your credit may also be mailed to your heating provider if you are a FIP (Family Independence Program) recipient, or if you receive SDA (State Disability Assistance). If you need help in completing the form, you can ask help from a senior-citizen desk or a community service provider.

Finally, send in the finished form.  Applications are usually required to be postmarked before the deadline for submission (for example, September 30). These are to be addressed to the Michigan Department of Treasury located at Lansing. Remember to archive copies of these documents for at least six years.

This action of the government for the people of Michigan is a great help since the temperature in Michigan tends to be very low during winter. Acquiring and maintaining a heating system can be a very expensive thing to acquire especially to people who cannot afford these. 


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