How To Find a Good Real Estate Broker

When you are considering purchasing or selling a property, a good real estate broker can make the process run much more smoothly than if you were to attempt the transaction on your own. You will want to find a real estate broker who has been trained in the industry, has experience with all types of situations and will discuss things with you that you hadn't even considered. This is the kind of person you want on your side when it comes time to purchasing a property. Follow these steps to find a good real estate broker.

Step 1

Ask friends and relatives. If you have no experience with a good real estate broker, you may have friends or relatives who do. Ask people close to you for their suggestions on where to find a good real estate broker. Also, ask them if there is anyone they would avoid. Keep a list of these names.

Step 2

Think outside the office. There are probably several real estate offices in your community, but that's not the first place you want to look. A good real estate broker is a busy real estate broker who rarely has time to sit at her desk. You want to approach a real estate agent at work in your community. You can do this by attending open houses and meeting the agents on duty. Don't worry about seeming interested in the open house. Just go to make a connection with the real estate broker and see what kind of vibe you get from her. You'll have the opportunity to ask her how long she's been in the business, and if she specializes in anything.  (Some brokers deal strictly with commercial properties, farms or vacant land, so make sure you ask).

Step 3

Interview a few agents. Once you have compiled a list of several good real estate brokers, you should sit down with each of them and discuss your plans. You are not committed to work with an agent just because you have spoken with them. So meet with a few. Ask about their experience, their fees, their customer satisfaction records and how often they communicate with clients during the process.  You can have these meetings in a variety of locations too. Some real estate offices have satellite offices in local malls where you can casually stop by. For many, this environment is most comfortable to meet an agent in since it's not behind the confines of a desk. But if this opportunity isn't available, it's okay to meet the agent at her real estate office too. Just be open and tell her that you're considering working with a broker and you'd like to know more about her. She should get the vibe that you're just fishing for a good real estate broker, and will do her best to answer your questions. Don't be pressured into making any commitments - you want a broker that makes you feel comfortable and works with whatever your decision is. Note also that an agent who passes you off to her assistant is likely not your best choice when it comes to choosing a good real estate agent. You want someone with you can you work with directly.

Step 4

Do some research. Once you've narrowed down your choices to a few outstanding real estate agents, try to do some behind-the-scenes research. Check out the agent's website and look at how she presents herself to the public. You can also see what communities she is familiar with, since local area knowledge is great to have. If the agent provided you with any references, contact those references and ask a few questions.

Step 5

Make your choice. Once you've gone through the above process, you're left with the decision of choosing a good real estate broker. After you've considered everything, you want to decide on a real estate broker who is knowledgeable about the market, the local community and procedures, who has a good, satisfied client base, and who is willing to work with you one-on-one throughout the process. If you can find someone who meets all of these requirements, then congratulations - you've just found a good real estate broker.


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