How To Find a Licensed Oregon Mortgage Broker

So you’ve found your perfect home in Oregon. You’ve marveled at its quaint charm, its size is just right, and it’s in an area where you feel extremely comfortable. You want nothing more than to buy it and live the rest of your days out in its cozy interiors. Before you get your checkbook out of your pocket, however, you should first find a licensed Oregon mortgage broker.

An Oregon mortgage broker, in most senses of the job, isn’t different from other mortgage brokers. He’ll still handle the deals with lenders for your home loan, manage your mortgage rates, and ultimately help you move into your dream home. The only difference between him and say, mortgage brokers from Alaska, is that he’s fully licensed to operate in Oregon. Mortgage brokers cannot practice in states in which they aren’t licensed; so to get your Oregonian home, you must find an Oregon mortgage broker. Your Oregon mortgage broker will help you deal with Oregon lenders, manage your Oregon mortgage rates, and ultimately help you move into your dream home in Oregon.

A good Oregon mortgage broker will be familiar with all of the state laws, and information on mortgages and homes, such as Oregon loan laws, Beaverton mortgage rates, and available homes in Eugene. When you’re looking through the massive list of Oregon mortgage brokers you’ll build up on your search, you’ll want to keep this fact in mind. After all, you don’t want your mortgage broker to do a half-baked, uninformed job of getting you your home, do you?

Of course, building the list is perhaps the most important, and first, step. You’ll need to compile your options for an Oregon mortgage broker before picking out the one you like best. You can start by asking some of your friends from the area. They’ll probably have had experience working with an Oregon mortgage broker, especially if they’re homeowners there. Ask who they worked with, and try to get as much feedback as you can. This will help you decide whether or not their mortgage brokers are worth considering.

Next, you’ll want to search the Internet. A simple search on Google for “Oregon mortgage broker” will give you more links than you can handle. You can try going through each one for a very thorough search, or you can try out several specific sites., for instance, is a searchable registry of all licensed professionals in Oregon – and that includes mortgage brokers. You can also refer to the Oregon mortgage broker directory. While you’re on the Internet, try to find a forum that deals with Oregon mortgage brokers and get some feedback from the users.

Once you’ve compiled a healthy list of mortgage brokers, you’ll want to double-check if the ones you like are indeed licensed in Oregon. If they are, take some time to talk to each one and see which ones will give you the best deals. Who knows? One of them might just be able to offer mortgage rates too good to pass up.


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