How To Find a Reverse Mortgage Specialist

People in their senior years may have their pension, but they still have money issues, and at this point, a reverse mortgage specialist can thoroughly assist them. Considered specialists in reverse mortgages, more and more older people are availing of their service to overcome financial difficulties. A reverse mortgage allows them to use the equity of their home (or home equity mortgage) to borrow money from a mortgage lender.

A reverse mortgage specialist can offer the following services:

  1. They can choose the best type for you from the different types of reverse mortgages available in the market.
  2. They can discuss your qualifications, for you to better understand the implications of a reverse mortgage.
  3. They can determine your home's value so you can enjoy the accurate equity and monetary value of your home.
  4. As financial advisors they can give advice on how to handle the next steps in your reverse mortgage.

Now that you know what they can do, the next step is to know where you can find them:

  1. Search online. You can Google companies, and most of them have their own websites. You can click on banner ads with their advertisements to direct you to their site and get other contact details.
  2. Visit the office or the website of The Association of Reverse Mortgage Specialists, Inc. Founded in 2006 in Miami, their staff are some of the most experienced Reverse Mortgage Specialists.
  3. Check local listings. Your local office would be able to locate a Reverse Mortgage Specialist in your area. More and more people are specializing in this field, and they set-up offices in nearly all states. You can get feedback about their success rate, and how much their fees are in providing their service.
  4. Ask lenders. Ask your mortgage lender, mortgage broker, or commercial mortgage office if they know any offices offering reverse mortgages. They might be able to refer you to an accredited office.
  5. Go to forums. Members of these kinds of forums are more than willing to help and give you information about such services. Some of them may even have first-hand experience and can guide you in what to expect and what to look for in a reverse mortgage.

You may also use a mortgage calculator for you to see a close estimate on an applicable reverse mortgage.

It is important to find someone who knows the tips and tricks of the trade. A reverse mortgage specialist might very well be not just a highly-skilled person, but also an individual who can save you a lot of headaches along the road.

Be familiar also with the federal laws that govern these types of mortgages. Also, state laws may differ from one state to another. So while you have a specialist to handle this for you, it is always better to do your research so you can decide alongside your specialist.


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