How To Find a Sample of a Home Inspection Checklist

Preparing for a home inspection

Buying or selling a home is a complicated process.  There are fees to pay, real estate agents to deal with, buyers, sellers, bankers and a host of other steps before the house you choose can truly be called home.  One critical piece of the home buying puzzle is a home inspection.  Every home inspection consists of a home inspection checklist that itemizes key points under various categories of inspection procedures.

For example, an inspection checklist might include categories for structural soundness such as the roof, the foundation, solid and operational windows and other physical attributes of the building structure.  Secondary property inspection might list such items as minor holes in the walls or loose floorboards or a leaky toilet.

There are many places to look for a thorough inspection checklist.  Of course, all home inspectors will have an inspection checklist available, and for a fee they will be glad to share their results with you.  Before taking that step, however, you may want to have an inspection checklist in your own hands to review the basics of inspection safety and fix what you can before the official inspection takes place.  A website checklist is a good starting point for obtaining an inspection checklist.  Learning about inspection procedures and going over the review checklist will help in identifying fixable flaws in the basic structure or presentation of the home.

A secondary property inspection is useful to get down to the nitty-gritty items in a home.  Do the electrical outlets work?  Do the pipes leak?  Is the HVAC operational?  A review checklist will help you catch little things you may miss the first time through.  Do the doors close properly?  Are there screens for all the windows?

Many websites are available to help you locate one, or several, website checklist printouts that you can use to prepare the house you're selling or to use as a review checklist for the house you hope to buy.  Inspection procedures vary from state to state so be sure to verify the necessary qualifications to achieve a passable inspection.  Don't wait and find yourself open to a rude surprise when the inspection safety report reveals a dangerous condition in the basement or a list of inconsistencies in the secondary property inspection.  Adequate inspection procedures are in place to protect both the buyer and the seller of a home.  Using one, or several, of the available inspection checklist options works in everyone's best interest.


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