How To Find Check Advance Locations

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Look for bright, flashing neon lights that scream “quick money” or “fast cash” in the gaudiest colors you can imagine? Just kidding, but it is also a fact that finding a check advance location can be as simple as just following the signs, because they are everywhere! Read on to get a clear idea where you can find check advance locations…

Resourcing check advance locations can be broadly split into two categories – (a) online; and (b) offline. Let’s check out the latter first.

Offline methods   

  • Newspaper classifieds, local White and Yellow pages, radio and television ads.
  • Retail locations such as supermarkets, malls, shopping centers, etc.
  • Commercial and business districts, where banks and other financial companies are located. Most of these types of institutions have a front office set-up, where walk-in customers can fill up loan applications.

Check advance locations which are established in real time are convenient for people which are on the move throughout the day, or people who work in locations where these companies are concentrated.
But what if you’re located some distance away and cannot commute, or you work from home and have no time to step out?

The answer lies in cyberspace!

Online resources

There are hundreds of check advance companies which run portals online. All you need to is fill in the online form, complete the necessary paperwork and provide your bank account details. If your loan is approved, the money will be deposited into your bank account within 24 hours, if not sooner.

With online locations for check advances, there are variations in the kind of services offered. For example, the search engine may provide links to directory services, where you input the area and type of service you’re looking for, the site then provides you with matching links and then you click on the link to go to the actual website where the check advance process begins.

Other services on the Internet act as screening agents, you fill in the details of your request, the website screens your application and then forwards your details to the check advance company, it feels is the ‘best fit’ for your requirements.

When your wallet is empty and payday is 1-4 weeks away, borrowing small amounts to tide you over until D-day, is simple once you know how a check advance or payday loan works and you know exactly where to find the right type of lending service for your needs. Searching for and finding check advance locations is a one-time exercise, once you’ve found the right service, you can keep going back to them as and when a cash emergency arises.


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