How To Find Department Store Home Collection Discounts

So, you’re looking into buying a home collection and you want to know the best way to get the best deal. Well, I would love to help give you some ideas. So read further, and I hope this helps you get the best deal you can.

Usually, department stores give discounts online. Whether it's free shipping when you spend a certain amount of money, or whether its clearance. I suggest going online first, and looking for any deals they may have.  Also, sometimes the prices online are cheaper than they are in the store. For example, let's say you want to get a Home Collection from Macy's. You go to the store, and find a price of $150. You buy it thinking it's a great deal. Later, you go online to their website and you see that it's listed on the sale page for $100. And of course, you’re going to be a little irked because you spent $50 more than you should have. But you let it go. You go onto the clearance page, and find a similar home collection, same brand, different colors for $75. Plus, a special for free shipping on orders over $70. You could have spent as little as $75 + tax.  See the savings you could have had? So, as a general rule, look on the website, and look on the sale page, and clearance page.

Also, sign up for the department stores' email newsletter list. They send you specials and deals that only the newsletter subscribers get. It could help you save some more money on your home collection.

Another great way to get a discount on a home collection is to see if the store will price match, which means matching any of their competitors' prices. In order to get this kind of discount, you will need to show proof with a current ad from their competitor. If that store won’t do that, then go to the one where it is lower priced.

Look for coupons in the mail and in the Sunday newspaper. There are some really good coupons for the store for a percent off if you spend a certain amount.

And last but not least, instead of buying a big brand, why not buy the cheaper brand? Usually, it's made from the same materials. It's very cost effective. In this economy we all cannot be worried with having name brand everything. Store brand is just as good. You're just not paying for the name.

I do hope that this article helped you out. I find that a great deal is very easy to come by, if you just look.


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