How To Find Dollar Store Deals

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In any type of economy – but most especially in a recessed one – it’s very important that you learn how to make the most of every single dollar you earn. That isn’t penny pinching; it’s all about being a smart buyer. After all, knowing how to save up on daily expenses will give you more freedom to spend on investments that truly matter. In this regard, dollar stores are your best friends. Here are some guidelines to remember so you can make sure you’re getting great dollar store deals:

  • Look for dollar stores in your area. Shopping at dollar stores is in the top 10 to-do lists if you want to get the best value for your money. Items sold at these places are priced at almost 70% less than their counterparts at regular grocery stores, and most of the time, quality isn’t sacrificed at all. Some of the top dollar stores include the following: Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General and 99 Cents Only. Do know that products sold at these places are usually overstock items, and/ or wholesale remnants. Many times, those that were not sold at grocery stores or department stores are passed on to dollar stores, and so they are available for the fraction of their original costs.
  • Know which items are best bought at dollar stores. The top five items that are best bought at dollar stores are the following: shampoo (because studies show that different-priced brands have very minimal differences in terms of ingredients and effectiveness); cleaning supplies; kitchen accessories; gift wrap; and school supplies. Do know that you should expect to see lesser-known brands to in dollar stores. But for regular maintenance and typical day-to-day use, these brands should serve you just fine. You could also buy items that you don’t really expect to keep for a long time, such as kid’s glasses, ponytail holders, candles, and the like.
  • Do comparison shopping. If you really want to be a savvy shopper, you should train yourself to constantly do comparison shopping. When you do this, you might find that some items are actually priced more expensively at dollar stores. For example, you’d be better off buying bottled water, canned veggies and trash bags from regular grocery stores, because they are less expensive there. Also, you shouldn’t take the price at dollar stores for what they are: sometimes, items are packaged in smaller amounts so that they will be priced more cheaply than at other stores.
  • Know what not to buy. Part of being a savvy buyer is knowing what not to buy at dollar stores. Though you can get away with lower quality when it comes to certain products, there are some items that might cause harmful side effects when you compromise on quality. Some examples are cosmetics, human food, pet food, clothes and underwear, and scents.
  • Look for coupons. This should be part of your regular routine before grocery shopping. Having coupons will help you get even better deals on what is already offered at these discount stores.

Remember, being a smart and savvy shopper takes time and a little bit of research. But if you hone your shopping skills and learn of a few handy tips, you’d soon find your household savings increase significantly.


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