How To Find Grocery Auctions

Grocery auctions are a relatively new concept for some. It's one way to save money when you're buying groceries. Grocery stores auction off products and items that are closer to their expiration dates, have minimal damage, surplus stocks, etc., but are still safe to use or consume nonetheless. Shoppers bid for each item at a much reduced cost than its original price. Given the economy we have today, grocery auctions are a godsend for consumers looking for reasonable bargains and ways to save some money. For someone who's still unfamiliar with grocery auctions but is interested in trying it, here's how you can find one.

  1. Search for grocery auction schedules in the National Auctioneers website. It's like a virtual community for professional auctioneers. Every day, professional auctioneers post on the website the schedules and types of auctions they will hold. Information is constantly updated. Browse for those providing grocery auctions. Take note of the date, time, place, and name of the auctioneer or contact.
  2. Look in the classified ads. You can check the classified ads section in both online and local newspapers for listings of grocery auctions.
  3. Contact local auctioneers. You, a friend, or a family member might know some local auctioneers. If not, you can ask around. Contact them and inquire about grocery auctions they know of. Some auctioneers usually know which other auctioneer is holding an auction presently or soon.
  4. Inquire at local food supply warehouses. Food stock and grocery warehouses also hold grocery auctions. If there's one in your community or town, better pay them a visit when you can and inquire if they have a scheduled grocery auction coming up. If not, you can be the first to suggest to them to organize one.
  5. Search for grocery auctions online. Some wholesale merchants hold grocery auctions. It's a big deal when they do because they have a variety of items, and usually better stocks ranging from food items and household supplies to other basic grocery items. You can also try and check out the AuctionZip website, where you can search for auctions in specific parts of every state in the country.

If you were unfamiliar with the concept of grocery auctions before, now you're in the know. Grocery auctions are simply a way of disposing of surplus stocks, those items nearing their expiry date, and those that have minimal damage but are still good for consumption, at highly reduced prices. If you're someone who doesn't have qualms about this, check out for grocery auctions near you.


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