How To Find High Paying and Safe Dividend Stocks

Are you a beginner or a seasoned investor? Well, the answer does not matter as long as you have stocks with high dividends. If your stocks pay dividends, you can develop a stock portfolio that produces extra revenue regularly. Now, the more relevant question to ask is, “How to find the highest and the safest dividend paying stocks?” Learn the ways, now!

  1. Try searching first in the MSN Money’s Deluxe Screener or Find the stocks that you feel you want to invest to and see if they have high paying dividends or if dividend stocks are consistently increasing year after year. There is a field on the stock quote screen that says “Yield.” This yield is usually in a percentage form followed by a monetary value.
  2. Another website for you to search is the In one click, you will be given unlimited and valuable information like Dividend Yield, Consecutive Dividend Increases and Dividend All Star Ranking. This will definitely help you choose the right stocks you are interested investing to.
  3. Logically, you need to pick the stocks that are big and the better known companies that are classified to as “Blue Chips.” These Blue Chips have strong business models, with stable cash flow that are capable of paying shareholders.
  4. You can also do a google search for Harry Domash’s Dividend Detective to receive a report, for free, a list of  the 800 dividend-paying stocks.
  5. Then you can use a free stock screening device online to seek out the highest paying dividend stocks. Set criteria in your screening tool to find specific companies that passed your criteria.
  6. Next is for you to narrow down your search to highly qualified companies and sort out ones with uncertain financials. Yes you can track stocks that seem to have high yields but it is not highly recommended and must be done with warning.
  7. If having high yields is not highly suggested, you need to have additional selection criteria in your stock screen. You want to make sure that you identify companies with good financial statements that have efficient balance sheets and that are earning money because sometimes you will see companies that have huge dividends but don’t have the cash to support them.
  8. It is a must for you to integrate other form of analysis in your search process other than financial factors to find the highest paying dividend stocks. Sometime making use of technical analysis is significant when identifying stocks on your buy list although it should not be used regularly by itself to pick stocks. Remember to look for steady companies that are solid for years even in time of economic meltdown.

To sum up these ways, the basic guiding rule to find a high paying and safe dividend stocks is to be critical in choosing companies. And good companies do not only have huge dividend yields but also have balance sheets that are making cash to support them. You can trace these with the companies’ history of solid development even there is global recession.


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