How To Find Historical Data About Stocks

Before you invest in the stock market, you should be sure to do the necessary research.  Before you purchase stock in a company, you should familiarize yourself with the company, its products, its history and historical data on the company's stock.  This information is readily available to anyone with a computer and a few hours of time to spare.

The easiest way to get historical data on a company's stock is go search for it using any common internet search engine.  This web search will usually return a large number of sites offering free and purchasable data,  Remember, most of this data is openly available, so you don't need to purchase it, but if you find a source that you are more comfortable with, it may be worth the price.

Many news or financial news sites offer their own stock history information.  Sites that offer this for free include CNBC, Yahoo! Finance and Google Finance.  Google Finance offers one of the most user-friendly stock history tools.

You can start your search for historical stock information at  From this page, use the search function at the top of the page to find the company you're looking for.  Once you perform the search, you will be taken to a new page showing information about the stock.

This stock information screen is a very powerful tool.  The graph shows you the history of the stock price and transaction volume over a set period of time.  This graph can be adjusted for any length of time that the stock was active for.  With some stocks, you can see historical information for 30 years or more.

Google finance can also show you past news relating to a company or stock.  This information is shown on the right side of the stock information page.  The letters shown next to news stories on this page correspond to the letter icons embedded in the stock price history chart.  This enables you to be able to draw correlations between news and events and their impact on the company's stock.

Below the news story on Google Finance is the Events area.  These events are not marked on the historical data stock price chart, but are no less important.  These events often pertain to corporate conference calls or earnings announcements.  These corporate communications often have large impacts on a stock's share price, so it is very important to take these into account when you are researching a stock.


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